Sunday, August 01, 2021

XC Camp/Summer Training Week 10 - Time Trial Week

 Competition Eligibility: The season is fast approaching.  There is a checklist of things that will need to be done before our first meet: 1) all documents on need to be completed 2) a physical on the approved UHSAA form needs to be submitted either to the AD or on registermyathlete 3) the $60 participation fee needs to be paid. That can be done either on registermyathlete or through the Hillcrest office.  This is different than the summer camp fee.  Also, remember you needed a 2.0 or above for 4th quarter last year to be eligible to compete.

Summer Camp: The deadline for the camp registration is approaching, if you haven't already done that, please do so.

Summer Miles: Remember the mileage goal to get the mileage shirt is 400 miles, 250 for middle schoolers.  Make sure your mileage logs are completed.  You will turn them in after Premier.

Recovery Runs: Remember you need to get afternoon or evening recovery runs in, low effort for 30 minutes, cross-training is allowed

Monday August 2 mile repeats meet at Hillcrest at 6 for the caravan, or meet at Cottonwood Complex 4300 S 1300 E by 6:20 - park in the north parking lot

Tuesday August 3 Ghostrider - meet at Hillcrest at 6, strength work after the run

Wednesday August 4 Top of the World meet at 2300 E Bengal Blvd by 6:15

Thursday August 5 TRAX meet at Hillcrest at 6, strength work after the run

Friday August 6 Crestwood Park meet at the park by 6:15 learn the home course and pre-race day

6 pm course set up at the park

Saturday August 7 Time Trial at Crestwood Park race starts at 7 am breakfast after $5 per person (team members don't pay) We may also be doing team photos this day, more info to come

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