Friday, April 21, 2017

Deseret Peak Invitational

The Deseret Peak Invitational will be held at Stansbury High School.  This is a smaller meet, so it will most likely end earlier in the afternoon.


9:30  Girls’ Javelin, Boys’ High Jump, Girls’ Long Jump, Girls’ Shot, Boys’ Disc (In flights as appropriate)
(Second sessions of all field events will begin upon completion…)
Track Events: (Girls followed by Boys)
9:45  Medley Relay (Sticker your anchor leg please.)
100/110 M Hurdles
1600M (In Alleys…Sticker your runners)
4X100M Relay (Volunteer for Exchange JudgeJ)
300M Hurdles
800M (In Alleys…Sticker your runners)
3200M (Waterfall or Alleys…Sticker you runners)

4X400M Relay (3 turn stagger…Sticker your anchor leg)