Friday, April 29, 2022

Davis Invitational

The meet is at Davis High in Kaysville.  The format is unique with two meets in one.  Most of our athletes are in the morning session.  

There will be a 5$ charge for spectators.
Davis Schedule

Bus leaves for the meet at 6 am .

OPEN FIELD EVENTS                           

  8:00-8:45 Weigh-in

  9:00-     Girls Long Jump                                          Boys High Jump        

Girls Shot Put                              

Boys Discus                                 

Girls Javelin                                 

Girls Pole Vault (Runway opens at 8:00)

11:00-     Boys Long Jump                          

Girls High Jump                          

Boys Shot Put                              

Girls Discus                                 

Boys Javelin

Boys Pole Vault


  8:00       Girls 4x800m Relay

  8:15       Boys 4x800m Relay

  8:30       Girls 100m Hurdles                     

  8:45       Boys 110m Hurdles                     

  9:00       Girls 100m Dash                          

  9:20       Boys 100m Dash

  9:45       Girls 4x200m Relay

10:00       Boys 4x200m Relay

10:15       Girls 1600m Run                         

10:45       Boys 1600m Run                         

11:15       Girls 4x100m Relay                     

11:25       Boys 4x100m Relay                    

11:35       Girls 400m Dash                          

11:45       Boys 400m Dash                          

11:55       Girls 300m Hurdles                     

12:10       Boys 300m Hurdles                     

12:25       Girls 800m Run                           

12:40       Boys 800m Run                           

  1:00       Girls Medley Relay                      

  1:10       Boys Medley Relay                     

  1:20       Girls 200m Dash                          

  1:35       Boys 200m Dash                          

  1:55       Girls 3200m Run                         

  2:15       Boys 3200m Run                         

  2:35       Girls 4x400m Relay                     

  3:00       Boys 4x400m Relay                    

Monday, April 25, 2022

4/22 and 4/23 meets

 We will be going to Juab high school for the 8 X 8 on Tuesday the 22nd.  We will be getting out of class at 12:20 and leaving at 12:45.  

The meet starts at 3:00.  With only 7 teams in the meet, I'm hoping we are back at Hillcrest by 9 - 9:30

On Wednesday the 23rd, we will be going to Cedar Valley for a region meet.  We will be getting out of class at 1:00 and leaving at 1:30.  I'm hoping to be back by 8:30 from that one.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Schedule Update

 We have a change to our schedule.  The Juab 8 X 8 has been moved to Tuesday at 3 pm.  We will have practice at 3 on Friday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Grizzly Invitational Information

 The Grizzly Invitational will be held Saturday April 16 at Logan High School 162 W 100 S. 

The bus will be leaving Hillcrest at 6 am.  

Meet Schedule:

Field Events: 8:30 am start

1st wave - Girls Javelin, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus, Boys High Jump, Girls Long Jump, Girls Pole Vault, Boys Triple Jump

2nd wave - Boys Javelin, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus, Girls High Jump, Boys Long Jump, Boys Pole Vault, Girls Triple Jump

Track Events: 8:45 am start Girls races, first

4 X 800 m Relay

100/110 m Hurdles

100 m Dash

4 X 200 m Relay

3200 m Run

4 X 100 m Relay

400 m Dash

Steeplechase (sort of)*

300 m Hurdles

800 m Run

Medley Relay

200 m Dash

4 X 400 m Relay

4 X 100 m Coaches Relay*

4 X 100 Weight Relay*

* non-scoring

Monday, April 11, 2022

Big Red Underclassmen Invitational

 This meet is designed for JV athletes to give younger kids a chance to place in an invitational rather than getting beat by a bunch of experienced seniors. The meet will be held at Uintah High School 1880 W 500 N in Vernal. 

This will be a long day, so athletes need to bring plenty of warm clothes and food.  We will have some lunches from the cafeteria for on the way out to the meet and will stop for dinner on the way home after the meet, but more food will be needed during the meet. We will be getting back quite late.

The bus will be leaving at 8:30 am from Hillcrest so athletes will be excused from all their classes.

Meet schedule:

Field Events 1:00 pm start

1st wave: Boys High Jump, Girls Long Jump, Boys Discus, Girls Shot Put, Girls Javelin

2nd wave: Girls High Jump, Boys Long Jump, Girls Discus, Boys Shot Put, Boys Javelin

Track Events Schedule 1:30 pm start girls first in all races

Medley Relay

4 X 800 m Relay

100/110 m Hurdles

100 m Dash

4 X 200 m Relay

1600 m Run

4 X 100 m Relay

400 m Dash

300 m Hurdles

800 m Run

200 m Dash

3200 m Run

4 X 400 m Relay

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Taylorsville Invitational Information

 The Taylorsville Invitational will be held Saturday April 9th at Taylorsville High School, 5225 S Redwood Rd.

The main parking area will be north of the track stadium. 

Spectators: Admission will be $5 per person or $10 per family.  Tickets will only be available on online.


6:15 bus leaves Hillcrest

7:15 weigh master opens

7:30 field events open for warmup

7:30 first track event

Field Event Schedule: 2nd wave will start warming up as soon as the 1st wave events finish

1st Wave: Girls Pole Vault, Girls High Jump, Girls Shot Put, Girls Javelin, Boys Long Jump, Boys Discus

2nd Wave: Boys Pole Vault, Boys High Jump, Boys Shot Put, Boys Javelin, Girls Long Jump, Girls Discus

Track Schedule: 7:30 start, girls events first

4 X 800 m Relay

100/110 m Hurdles

100 m Dash

4 X 200 m Relay

Medley Relay

1600 m Run

4 X 100 m Relay

400 m Dash

300 m Hurdles

800 m Dash

200 m Dash

3200 m Run

4 X 400 m Relay

Monday, April 04, 2022

Spring Break Practice

 We will practice each day at 10 am at the track.  Check with your event coach to see what to do if you are out of town. Remember you need to let the coaches know if you are available for T'ville on Saturday.

Sprint workouts, Monday and Wednesday we will be doing speed endurance


Monday - speed - up to 4 sets of 3 with 60 seconds recovery with 5 minutes between sets

Tuesday - easier run

Wednesday - long run

Thursday - tempo

Friday easier run

Saturday T'ville or long run