Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pre-region Results 2012

Girls finished 3rd beating Murray who beat us last week.  Boys finished 5th with four 3 mile personal bests. 

Complete meet results can be found on runnercard. Season results can be tracked on

 3.  Hillcrest HS   103
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

9. 2429    Jordan Kennedy20:34.99.01:55.1Spread between the scoring runners01:41.0
21. 2427    Elise Hall21:35.916.02:56.1
32. 2425    Adrianna Castillo22:08.925.03:29.1
33. 2428    Lizzy Huston22:11.926.03:32.1
34. 2422    Abi Barrett22:15.927.03:36.1
49. 2432    Hannah Powell23:06.1(36.)04:26.3
50. 2431    Rachel Owen23:08.4(37.)04:28.6
68. 2426    Brittany Escalante24:50.2NS 06:10.4
79. 2433    Rachel Saxton25:43.2NS 07:03.4
98. 2424    Sara Butler27:04.3NS 08:24.5

3.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:48:47.5)103
5.  Hillcrest HS   116
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

14. 2405    Jared Croft16:49.413.01:22.0Spread between the scoring runners01:47.3
21. 2418    Dylan Smith17:12.020.01:44.6
22. 2407    Jonathon Egbert17:14.821.01:47.4
44. 2410    Peter Johnston18:15.430.02:48.0
50. 2415    Cody Reuschel18:36.732.03:09.3
63. 2412    Jace Longhurst19:06.4(36.)03:39.0
67. 2411    Tyler Liddiard19:22.1(38.)03:54.7
69. 2414    Tyler Rasband19:28.2NS 04:00.8
76. 2420    Erick Tieu19:53.0NS 04:25.6
81. 2403    Gordon Brown20:06.9NS 04:39.5
88. 2417    Alex Sletten20:20.4NS 04:53.0
110. 2404    Wesley Colemere22:05.1NS 06:37.7
118. 2409    Micah Johnston22:44.1NS 07:16.7
127. 2406    Hari Demirev24:02.6NS 08:35.2
136. 2416    Eric Schneggenburger27:29.6NS 12:02.2

5.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:28:08.3)116

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-region schedule and directions

Pre-region is held on the site of the region course at Westlake High School, 99 North Thunder Boulevard, Saratoga Springs.

Varsity and JV runners will run at the same time in this meet.

Girl's race 5:30
Boy's race 6:00

From I-15 take Bangerter High to Redwood Rd.
Stay on Redwood Rd south until you see the high school on the right
You can either turn onto 400 N. or Pony Express Parkway to get to the high school.  Park in the parking lot near the football/track stadium.  The start and finish lines are on the soccer fields west of the school.

Highland Invitational Results

We had a decent season debut with nine runners posting personal best times.

Complete meet results can be found at

Track our team results all season here as well as at

2012 Cross-Country Schedule

August 24th Highland Invitational Sugarhouse Park 4:00pm
August 30th Region VII Pre-region Meet Westlake High 5:30pm
September 8th Wasatch Inviational Soldier Hollow 9:00 am
September 11th Herriman Dual Providence Hall 3:30 pm
September 14th Herriman Invitational Providence Hall 4:00pm
September 22nd Wahsatch Rendezvous Cottonwood Complex 9:00am
September 27th Westlake Classic Westlake High 3:30pm
October 9th Region VII Championships Westlak High 3:30pm
October 17th Utah State Championships Sugarhouse Park 2:00pm