Friday, August 31, 2018

Labor Day Weekend Practice Schedule & Fundraiser

We will be having practice over the Labor Day Weekend. We will go in the mornings so the majority of the weekend can still be spent with family.

Saturday - 6:30 am meet at Hillcrest We will carpool up Millcreek to do a long run (70 - 75 minutes) on the Pipeline Trail

Monday - 7:00 am meet at Hillcrest We will be doing a fartlek workout at Union (Stoner) Park 4 or 5 cycles of 8 minutes moderate 2 minutes desired race pace varsity 5 cycles

If you are out of town, try to get a run in, as close the workout schedule as possible.

Make sure you get emails and text messages sent out for the fundraiser.  If you don't ask, the answer is always no.  Don't browbeat people when you ask.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Westlake Grass Relays

The Grass Relays is a fun meet with an unusual format and unique course.  The course consists of a fairly flat one mile loop with hay bales to jump over at four points on the loop. This course is fairly spectator friendly. The race is only 2 miles and the varsity races are run as a relay.

The meet is as Westlake High in Saratoga Springs.  Parking is usually east of the school, but follow directions as they usually have it marked.  The course is on the fields west of the school.  We will have our canopy, so our camp should be easy to find.

6:15 am meet at Hillcrest for the bus to the meet
8:00 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Frosh/Soph
8:20 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Freshman
8:40 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Sophomore
9:00 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Jr./Sr.
9:20 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Jr./Sr.
9:40 A.M.: Girls Varsity Relay (Top 5 Girls, 2 Miles Each Leg)
11:00 A.M.: Boys Varsity Relay (Top 5 Boys, 2 Miles Each Leg)
12:30 P.M.: Boys & Girls Middle School/ Youth 1 Mile Race

Pre-Region Results

That was an interesting afternoon.  I have the results uploaded at, but I don't have many of the boys, because of the confusion at the finish chute with the downpour and the lightning.  Only about 25 tags got pulled out of just over 60 boys.  If you have a time, let me know and I can add the results in. I do have 64 times, so I should be able to match it up if you have one or know who you finished right behind.

With the times we did get, we had a few athletes run faster times than on the same course last year at region.

On another note, there has been a slight change in district policy regarding the transport of athletes to and from meets.  If you need to take your athlete home from the meet, an assumption of risk form has to be filled out before you take them.  Previously, we were able to release kids to parents without any paperwork, but that has changed.  If there is a reason you will need to transport them to the meet rather than having them go on the bus, that paperwork needs to be filled out in advance and I will need to have it in my possession before we go to the meet. I will have those forms at my desk so they can be picked up during the day.

Remember we meet at 2:30 Thursday to debrief the race and talk about Saturday.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Racing Season Week 3

The hot weather will continue this week.  The hotter the temperature outside, the more water needs to be consumed during the day.

Most of you have ordered your team gear, but some still need to.  The online store will close at the end of the day Tuesday.

Monday - 6 am meet at the track for 30 minutes easy then weights after
2:30 pm meet in C230 to go over the last meet and preview the week then speed work on the track (change from the calendar)

Tuesday - 6 am meet at the track for 30 minutes easy then core after
3:00 pm meet at Hillcrest

Wednesday - 6 am shakeout run then race morning routine
1:45 released from class 2:00 bus leaves for Hunter Park for pre-region

Thursday - 6 am 30 minutes run then core after
2:30 meet in C230 for post-race debrief

Friday - 6 am 30 minutes run then core after
2:45 meet above the track

Saturday - 6:15 meet at Hillcrest for the bus to Grass Relays

Highland Invitational Results and Thoughts

This meet had some very challenging conditions with the heat.  For the most part, we handled it pretty well. Fortunately, none of our kids were among the ones transported to the hospital.  We will have to deal with heat periodically the rest of the season, so hydration during the day is crucial moving forward. 

We had a number of PRs, but this meet shows how tough Utah XC is. 

Complete meet results are on runnercard.  As always, results and progress from the entire season can be found on

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Highland Invitational info and schedule

The Highland Invitational is at Sugarhouse Park There is some parking available in the park with more parking available at Highland High School. This is a large invitational with 2000 + runners competing in multiple races.

It will still be quite hot, so make sure you are hydrating throughout the day and start now.  Athletes in later races will need some food to make sure they are fueled for their races. 

12:15 meet at Hillcrest to load the bus for the meet
Frosh Boys*                                                     2:00  pm
Frosh Girls*                                                     2:25  pm
Sophomore Boys*                                           2:50  pm
Sophomore  Girls*                                          3:15  pm
JV Boys                                                            3:45  pm
JV Girls                                                             4:15  pm
Varsity Boys                                                    4:45  pm
Varsity Girls                                                     5:10  pm

Awards Ceremony                                          5:40  pm

6:30 meet at concessions stand for assigned crew for football game

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Racing Season Week 2

Remember we are flipping our practice schedule this week with our primary workouts in the afternoon and our easy runs are now in the mornings.  We are also changing our weight room days to Monday and Wednesday. 

Remember the online store closes this week.  This is how the team jackets are being ordered this year, so make sure you get on and get yours.

Monday 6 am 30 minute run and weight room
2:30 pm meet in C230 for our normal post meet chat and then speed work after. 

Tuesday : 6 am 30 minute run and core
2:30 pm meet in C230 with the AD then run after

Wednesday - 6 am 30 minute run and weight room
3:00 pm meet at Hillcrest

Thursday - 6 am 30 minute run and core
3:00 pm meet at Hillcrest

Friday - 6 am 15 minute shakeout run plus breathing exercises and race visualization
12:15 pm meet for bus ride to Sugarhouse Park

Saturday - 7 am meet at Draper Park

Premier Invitational Results

We had a pretty good day with many PR performances.  The boys ran pretty well, especially considering who we didn't have.  The girls ran faster than last year, which is encouraging.  Meet results are on athletic.netMilesplit Utah  also has results with all varsity results combined.  They also have hundreds of photos as well as race videos on their site. Congrats to Caylor, Anthony, Francisco, Sophia, and Megan for earning medals.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

2018 XC Meet schedule

August 11 Premier Invitational Cottonwood Complex
August 17 Highland Invitational Sugarhouse Park
August 22 Pre-region Hunter Park
August 25 Grass Relays Westlake High School
September 5 Region tri-meet  Crestwood Park
September 14 or 15 TBD
September 22 Wahsatch Rendezvous Cottonwood Complex
September 28 Park City Invitational Quinn's Junction
October 5 Region II Championships Hunter Park
October 17 UHSAA 6A Championships Sugarhouse Park
November 10 Pre-Footlocker American Fork High
November 17 NXR Casa Grande Sports Complex (if we qualify)
December 1 Footlocker West Regional Mt. SAC
December 1 NXN Glendeveer Golf Course Portland (if we qualify)

Premier Invitational Info

The Premier Invitational will be held on Saturday August 10th at the Cottonwood Softball Complex at 44th S and 13th E.  This is usually a fairly small meet that is good to start the season with.  The start and finish are are NW of the softball fields. That is the best place to view the course if you don't want to run from spot to spot. Our team will be easy to spot in our somewhat distinctive singlets. 

The best parking lot is on the north end of the park, but there are two other parking lots if they fill up. 

We can make allowances in advance for special circumstances, but we expect the team to ride to and from the meet on the bus.


6:30 am meet at Hillcrest to catch the bus
8:00 Varsity boys
8:45 Varsity girls
9:30 JV boys
10:15 JV girls

Hopefully they will move some of the start times up, it shouldn't take 45 minutes for varsity athletes to complete this fast 3 mile course.


Top two teams in each classification get trophies.
Top seven finishers in varsity receive a medal and a shirt.
Top ten finishers in JV receive a medal.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Racing Season Week 1

We will compete in our first meet of the season this weekend.  The summer is primarily about building a quality training base.  We are now shifting to turn the base into speed. At this point of the summer, everyone should be getting a short daily recovery run in the evenings.  This can be cross-training.

Monday - meet at Hillcrest we will be doing speed session

Tuesday - meet at Hillcrest at 6:00 am.  Strength session after the run.  We will be done about 8:15

Wednesday - Meet at Hillcrest to carpool up to the Capitol building to run City Creek Canyon. We will park at the NE corner of the capitol area.

Thursday - meet at Hillcrest at 6:00 am. tempo run Strength session after the run.  We should be done closer to 8 this morning.

Friday - meet at Hillcrest at 6:00 am. Easy pre-race run. 

Saturday - Premier Invitational meet at Hillcrest at 6:30 am.  The race is at Cottonwood Complex about 4300 S. 1300 E I will make a separate post later in the week with more meet details.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Run With the Huskies

We had another successful Run With the Huskies event thanks to all the athletes and parents who helped with course set up and course volunteers, with extra thanks to the Canals family for breakfast.


1 Zac Hastings 17:24
2 Caylor  Willis 17:25
3 Nate  Diggins 18:04
4 Anthony  Davies 18:27
5 Zakia Kirby 18:34
6 Dallin Moon 19:15
7 Niclas Holman 19:48
8 Parker Guzman 19:49
9 Greg Canals 21:00
10 Cole Crison 21:37
11 Karl Kirby 21:45
12 Ben Snow 22:01
13 Faith Amos 22:49
14 Amelia Slama-Catron 23:40
15 Aiden Paul 24:14
16 Emily  Liddiard 24:44
17 Cole Carlile 25:41
18 Charles Hooper 25:58
19 Megan  Liddiard 26:04
20 Eric Borland 26:04
21 Brynn Webster 26:35
22 Sophie Hastings 26:50
23 Nicole Crain 26:51
24 Juno Crison 28:49
25 Abigail Slama-Catron 30:11
26 Megan  Glover 31:29
27 Madeline Mismash 32:05
Kids Race
1Abby Mettler7:44
2Rosie Webster7:47
5James Mettler8:28