Friday, August 29, 2014

Monday Practice Driving Directions

Monday's practice will be at 7 am at Crestwood Park.  If you are out of town try to get a 45 - 60 min fartlek run in.

The kids all know how to run to Crestwood Park, but that includes running through some dead ends for cars.

Here is a google maps link with driving directions from Hillcrest.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pre-Region Girl's Results

1.  Isabella James                                               West                                       20:13
2.  Morgan Taylor                                             Taylorsville                         21:24
3.  Sarah Schrom                                                Hunter                                   22:04
4.  Laura Anderson                                            West                                       22:06
5.  Emery Hovermale                                       West                                       22:28
6.  Gracie Otto                                                    Hillcrest                                22:34
7.  Danielle Coccimiglio                                   Hillcrest                                22:42
8.  Talevera                                                          Granger                                22:44
9.  Grace Cobabe                                                Hillcrest                                22:50
10.  Isabella Oliver                                            Hillcrest                                22:51
11.  Kate Schulte                                 West                                       23:02
12.  Wilhelmina Graff                                      West                                       23:15
13.  Lizzy Huston                                               Hillcrest                                23:28
14.  Katherine Morelli                                      West                                       23:40
15.  Sophie Turok                                               West                                       23:40
16.  Jamie Blasongame                                    Hillcrest                                24:21
17.  Vicky Nguyen                                              Taylorsville                         24:29
18.  Lindsey Johnson                                         Hunter                                   24:58
19.  Tori Johnston                                              Hillcrest                                25:12
20.  Emina Micheel                                            Taylorsville                         25:12
21.  Stella Santa Ana                                          Hillcrest                                25:50
22.  Nikole Taylor                                              Hunter                                   25:52
23.  Kaitlyn Kim                                                 Taylorsville                         26:36
24.  Scout Asay                                                    West                                       27:02
25.  Marcelina Kubica                                      West                                       27:09
26.  Arianna Jones                                             Taylorsville                         27:40
27.  Emma Timmerman                                   Hillcrest                                27:48
28.  Alicia Hatch                                                 Hillcrest                                28:27
29.  Lucy Borup Douglas                                 West                                       28:31
30.  Qamile Sadrija                                           Taylorsville                         28:58
31.  Grace Goddard                                           West                                       29:39
32.  K Clifford                                                    Cottonwood                         29:54
33.  Amanda Pieper                                           Taylorsville                         33:10

34.  Tess Hunt                                                      West                                       34:30

Saturday Practice

Saturday Practice will be at 7 am again this week. This week we will be meeting at the Jordan River Parkway Trailhead on 70th south. 70th S. is also called Jordan River Boulevard.  The parking lot for the trailhead is on the west side of the river.

Here is a link to directions from Hillcrest.

If you can't make it at that time, make sure you let captains and coaches know and do the workout on your own.

If you are out of town for the Labor Day weekend, we are doing a 70 min hard run.  Try to get that in on your travels.

I used map my run to map the extant of what anyone will run.  If you aren't familiar with this section of the trail, hopefully this map will help. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pre-Region Boy's Results

1.  Ryan Colby                                    Taylorsville                                         17:08
2.  Nathan Taylor                               Hunter                                                   17:16
3.  Peter Christiansen                        Hillcrest                                                17:59
4.  Jake Colangelo                             West                                                       18:13
5.  Anthony Hovey                              Hunter                                                   18:25
6.  Isaac Azevedo                                Hunter                                                   18:34
7.  Easton Batt                                     Hunter                                                   18:41
8.  Peter Johnston                               Hillcrest                                                18:56
9.  Connor Guldner                            Hillcrest                                                19:04
10.  Benjamin Baker                         West                                                       19:05
11.  Wesley Colemere                        Hillcrest                                                19:07
12.  Noah Lobell                                 West                                                       19:10
13.  Tyler Pennington                        Cottonwood                                         19:14
14.  Luke Cobabe                               Hillcrest                                                19:24
15.  Jacob Williams                           Hillcrest                                                19:26
16.  Dakota Edmonds                        Hunter                                                   19:33
17.  Justin Canals                               Hillcrest                                                19:34
18.  Nathan Victor                              Hillcrest                                                19:38
19.  Kai DeBirk                                   West                                                       19:39
20.  Zach Wall                                     Cottonwood                                         19:41
21.  Jack Brown                                  West                                                       19:44
22.  Jacob Fang                                  West                                                       19:53
23.  Max Sandweiss                            West                                                       19:55
24.  Titus Quoh                                   West                                                       19:55
25.  Jacob Nielson                              Cottonwood                                         20:15
26.  Alec Parent                                   Hillcrest                                                20:22
27.  Michael Tao                                 West                                                       20:38
28.  David Fagere                               Cottonwood                                         20:40
29.  Jess Baker                                    West                                                       20:44
30.  Ian Kaligaan                               Cottonwood                                         20:50
31.  Sam Kennard                              West                                                       20:51
32.  Jonathan Croft                           Hillcrest                                                20:54
33.  Tyler Halvorsen                         Hillcrest                                                20:57
34.  Keller Willhite                            Hillcrest                                                21:05
35.  Zach Mecham                             Hunter                                                   21:07
36.  Atticus Jones                                West                                                       21:21
37.  Kyle Cribbs                                  Taylorsville                                         21:22
38.  Noah Johnson                              Hunter                                                   21:31
39.  Jared Liddiard                           Hillcrest                                                21:33
40.  Daniel Peterson                           Taylorsville                                         21:35
41.  Jonathan Kaseda                        Hillcrest                                                21:41
42.  Kaleb King                                   Taylorsville                                         21:47
43.  Ian Prestgard-Duke                   West                                                       22:12
44.  Matthew Bergeson                     Cottonwood                                         22:13
45.  Cameron McDougal                  Taylorsville                                         22:24
46.  Kevin Hardy                                West                                                       22:28
47.  Ryan Kierfulf                              West                                                       22:29
48. Camron Tye                                  Taylorsville                                         22:30
49.  Grant Nielson                              Cottonwood                                         22:41

50.  Isaiah Poritz                                West                                                       22:42
51.  Scott Grimm                                West                                                       22:42
52.  Brighton Miller                          Hillcrest                                                22:48
53.  Joey Clifford                               Taylorsville                                         22:48
54.  Caleb Manser                              Hunter                                                   22:49
55.  Alvin Tsang                                  Hillcrest                                                23:06
56.  Calvin Jericko                            West                                                       23:40
57.  Kenji Aoki                                    West                                                       23:47
58.  Vincent BonaccI                         West                                                       24:03
59.  Gavin Clements                          West                                                       25:25
60.  Zach Stout                                    Hillcrest                                                25:53
61.  Kyle Adams                                  West                                                       26:07
62.  Sam Lair                                      West                                                       26:21
63.  Harrison Patton                          West                                                       26:33
64.  Oreqel                                           Granger                                                26:37
65.  Jordan Etherington                   Taylorsville                                         26:48
66.  Jonathan Astle                             Cottonwood                                         27:03
67.  Casey Rasmussen                       Taylorsville                                         28:45
68.  Nick Barr                                     Cottonwood                                         29:16
69. Bridger Welch                              Hillcrest                                                32:31
70.  Carlos Munoz                              Hunter                                                   36:05

Monday, August 25, 2014

Region II Time Trials (Pre-Region)

The pre-region meet will be at Hunter Park approximately 5900 W 3500 S.  There will only be two races.  The girls will run at 3:30 and the boys at 4:00.

Here is a link to google maps.

This race is run on the same course as the region championships in October.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Highland Invitational Results

This is a good meet for us because it is a preview of the state course.  We had a few kids that showed tremendous improvement on the day.  This meet showed also showed us that we have a lot of work to do to get where we want to be at the end of the season.  Utah cross-country is really fast right now.  

Complete results are up at runnercard

Don't forget to check out our page to track progress over the season.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Highland Invitational Information

Location: Sugarhouse Park 1300 E. 2100 S.

Frosh.Soph Boys                               -             4:00  pm
                        Frosh/Soph Girls                              -             4:25  pm
                        Junior Varsity Boys   -                                    4:50  pm
                        Junior Varsity Girls   -                                    5:15  pm
                        Varsity Boys                                      -            5:45  pm
                        Varsity Girls                                                     6:10  pm

                        Awards Ceremony                                          6:30  pm

Parking: There is limited parking available in the park. Overflow parking is available at Highland High School parking lot just east of Sugar House Park.  Parking lot entrance is on 2100 South.  It’s a short walk to the park from there.

This is a 2.9 mile spectator friendly course.  This will be a great preview for state as the first two miles will be nearly identical to the course we will run for state.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Premier Invitational Results

This was a pretty good meet for us.  We had a lot of kids make significant improvement from the time trial which is encouraging for later in the season.  Dropped time was expected as the Settlement Canyon course is very fast.  Our next course will be preview for state as the first two miles of the Highland course is the same as the state course.  

Athletes of the meet were Luke Cobabe for the boys and Stella Santa Ana for the girls.

Meet results are up at

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

2014 Hillcrest Cross-Country Schedule

Sat. 8/16        Premier Invitational Settlement Canyon Tooele 8:00am
Thurs. 8/21     Highland Invitational Sugarhouse Park 4:00 pm
Wed. 8/27      Pre-Region Time Trial Hunter Park 3:30 pm
Wed. 9/3        Hillcrest, C’wood @ Granger City Park WVC 3:30 pm
Wed.y 9/10    West @ Hillcrest Crestwood Park 3:30 pm
Fri. 9/12         Herriman Invitational 4:00 pm
Wed. 9/17      Hillcrest, Granger @ Hunter Hunter Park 3:30 pm
Wed. 9/24      T’ville, C’wood @ Hillcrest TBA 3:30 pm
Sat. 9/27         Wahsatch Rendezvous Cottonwood Complex 9:00 am
Fri. 10/3         Park City Invite Quinn's Junction Athletic Fields 4:00 
Fri. 10/10        Region II Championships Hunter Park 2:30 pm
Wed. 10/22     Utah State Championships Sugarhouse Park

Premier Invitational Schedule and Directions

We will be leaving for the meet from Hillcrest at 6am, so be there a few minutes before then to make sure you don't miss the bus. 


Race 1 – JV Boys (5A,4A) 8:00 am

Race 2 – JV Girls (5A,4A) 8:30 am

Race 3 – Boy’s Varsity (5A) 9:00 am

Race 4 – Girl’s Varsity (5A) 9:30 am

Race 5 – Boy’s Varsity (4A) 10:00 am

Race 6 – Girl’s Varsity (4A) 10:30 am


The meet is based at Settlement Canyon Lower Campground near Tooele. From I-80 W take exit 99 for Highway 36 south to Tooele. Continue through to the south end of Toole. Settlement Canyon Rd is on the left at approximately 7th S.  There will be a fee gate near the reservoir.  Tell them you are with the meet. The campground will be on the right side of the road approximately 1/2 mile past the fee gate.  Parking will be in the field across from the RV parking spots in the campground.

For navigation systems, it may be necessary to use Settlement Canyon Reservoir rather than the campground.

Schedule for the week

Monday - Hillcrest 6am

Tuesday - Hillcrest 2:45 pm

Wednesday - Hillcrest 6am

Thursday - Hillcrest 2:45pm

Friday - Hillcrest 2:45 pm

Saturday - Premier Invitational bus leaves at 6am

Spike Night

Wasatch Running Center at 8946 S. State will be hosting us for a spike night Wednesday evening from 6 - 8.  Spike night is a great opportunity to check out cross-country spikes as well as make sure you have the right kind of trainer for your feet and running style.  If you have had the same pair of shoes all summer, it is probably time for a new pair anyway.  They will be having some price specials during the night you can't get most of the time.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

HARC Week Schedule

This is the last week of our summer training schedule with our first meet at the end of next week. We will do two runs each day, a morning run at our normal practice time and an evening run at 6pm.  For all morning runs we will meet at Hillcrest then carpool caravan to our running destination.  For our evening runs, we will meet at various places in the valley so we can avoid running in traffic.

Monday - Morning Run Lamb's Canyon, Evening Run Hillcrest

Tuesday - Morning Run Brighton Ski Resort, Evening Run TBA

Wednesday - Morning Run Albion Basin Run, Evening Run TBA

Thursday - Morning Run Big Water Trail to Dog Lake, Evening Run TBA

Friday - City Creek Time Trial