Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Uniform fines

Fine cards will be mailed out this week for athletes who have not turned in their uniforms.

Monday, May 02, 2011

BYU schedule

Field Events

Friday, May 6
Facility opens at 7:00a
Implement Weigh-in 7:00a - 1:00p
8:30 Long Jump Boys 3A-5A (2 pits)
12:00 Long Jump Boys 1A-2A (2 pits)
8:30 Javelin Girls 3A-5A
11:30 Javelin Girls 1A-2A
8:30 Discus Girls 3A-5A
11:30 Discus Girls 1A-2A
8:30 Shot Put Boys 3A-5A
12:30 Shot Put Boys 1A-2A
10:00 High Jump Girls (2 pits)

Saturday, May 7
Facility opens at 6:30a
Implement Weigh-in 6:30a - 1:00p
8:00 Javelin Boys 1A-2A
9:30 Javelin Boys 3A-5A
9:00 Shot Put Girls 1A-2A
11:00 Shot Put Girls 3A-5A
9:00 Long Jump Girls 1A-2A (2 pits)
10:45 Long Jump Girls 3A-5A (2 pits)
9:00 High Jump Boys (2 pits)
10:00 Pole Vault Boys
1:00 Discus Boys 3A-5A
4:00 Discus Boys 1A-2A
Running Events

Friday, May 6
Facility opens at 7:00a
10:00 AM G 3200 Finals
B 3200 Finals
G 100H Trials 1A-2A (back-stretch)
G 100H Trials 3A-5A (back-stretch)
B 100 Trials 1A-2A (home-stretch)
B 100 Trials 3A-5A (home-stretch)
B 110H Trials 1A-2A (back-stretch)
B 110H Trials 3A-5A (back-stretch)
G 100 Trials 1A-2A (home-stretch)
G 100 Trials 3A-5A (home-stretch)
1:30 PM G 400 Trials 1A-2A
G 400 Trials 3A-5A
B 400 Trials 1A-2A
B 400 Trials 3A-5A
G 300H Trials 1A-2A
G 300H Trials 3A-5A
B 300H Trials 1A-2A
B 300H Trials 3A-5A
G 200 Trials 1A-2A
G 200 Trials 3A-5A
B 200 Trials 1A-2A
B 200 Trials 3A-5A Saturday, May 7
Facility opens at 6:30a
10:00 AM G 1600 Sections
B 1600 Sections
G 4x100 Sections
B 4x100 Sections
G 800 Sections
B 800 Sections
G Medley Section
B Medley Section
G 4x400 Sections
B 4x400 Sections
Golden Hour
2:50 PM Opening Ceremonies
G 4x100 Top Seeded Sections (2)
B 4x100 Top Seeded Sections (2)
G 1600 Top Seeded Section (top 18)
B 1600 Top Seeded Section (top 18)
G 100H Finals
B 110H Finals
G 100 Finals
B 100 Finals
G 400 Finals
B 400 Finals
G 300H Finals
B 300H Finals
G 800 Top Seeded Section (top 15)
B 800 Top Seeded Section (top 15)
G Medley Top Seeded Section (1)
B Medley Top Seeded Section (1)
G 200 Finals
B 200 Finals
G 4x400 Top Seeded Section (1)
B 4x400 Top Seeded Section (1)