Saturday, August 29, 2015

Grass Relays Results

A fun day in American Fork with a different format than most of our meets.  The gauntlet didn't give most of our kids too much trouble. 45 teams were there with 39 in the varsity boys race and 34 in the varsity girls.

Varsity Boys  (39 teams)

27. Hillcrest 58:12
Peter Christiansen 10:56
Braden Hastings 11:08
Jacob Williams 11:43
Alvin Tsang 12:24

Justin Canals 12:01

JV Fr/So Boys (273 runners)

39. Laran Lewis (Hillcrest) 11:47
116. Keller Willhite (Hillcrest) 12:36
142. Alec Parent (Hillcrest) 12:56
171. Spencer Rolfson (Hillcrest) 13:14
189. Jonathan Croft (Hillcrest) 13:22
236. Josh Jessop (Hillcrest) 14:16
243. Edward Yuan (Hillcrest) 14:35

JV Jr/Sr Boys  (279 runners)

91. Connor Guldner (Hillcrest)  12:00
100. Luke Cobabe (Hillcrest) 12:04
152. Kyle Koch (Hillcrest) 12:36
218. Jonathan Kaseda (Hillcrest) 13:19
238. Zachary Barton (Hillcrest) 13:52
278. Sergio Lugo (Hillcrest) 17:13

JV Open Boys (405 runners)

117.Warren McCarthy Hill 13:16

306.Curtis Johnston Hill 15:05
323.Bridger Welch Hill 15:17
371.Cole Crison Hill 16:14

Varsity Girls  (34 teams)

28.Hillcrest 74:11
Danielle Coccimiglio 13:57
Gracie Otto 14:55
Sara Diggins 15:07
Isabella Oliver 15:31

Cat Webster 14:41

JV Fr/So Girls (314 runners)

69. Emma Kofoed (Hillcrest) 14:46
90. Emma Timmerman (Hillcrest) 15:09
155. Grace Cobabe (Hillcrest) 16:02
173. Julia Johnston (Hillcrest) 16:22
234. Emily Liddiard (Hillcrest) 17:40
239. Moira Paul (Hillcrest) 17:59
295. Tess Jorgensen (Hillcrest) 20:09
314. Lillian Rose (Hillcrest) 26:21

JV Jr/Sr Girls (328 runners)

217. Grace Williams (Hillcrest) 16:35
225. Kayla Kelsey (Hillcrest) 16:44
280. Emily Johnston (Hillcrest) 18:05

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grass Relays information

The Grass Relays is a unique meet in that is shorter, involves lots of hay bales on the course to jump over and the varsity races only involve five athletes and is a relay.

The meet is held at American Fork High School, 510 N 600 E in American Fork. Parking is south of the high school.

Bus leaves Hillcrest at 6:15 am.

8:00 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Frosh/Soph

8:25 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Frosh/Soph

8:45 A.M.: Girls J.V. 2 Mile Race-Jr./Sr.

9:05 A.M.: Boys J.V. 2 Mile Race -Jr./Sr.

9:20 A.M.: Girls Varsity Relay ( Top 5 Girls, 2 Miles Each Leg)

10:40 A.M.: Boys Varsity Relay (Top 5 Boys, 2 Miles Each Leg)

The best place for spectators will be the gauntlet, a jumble of hay bales at the 1450 m mark on the loop that provides good entertainment. Course map The hay bales are found at 400m, 800m, 1200m, and 1450m.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pre-Region Results

I'm pretty happy with the results from tonight's race.  We were second on the boys side and third on the girls.  If we finish there at the region meet in October, both teams will be headed back to state.

2.  Hillcrest HS   63
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

2. 4518    Peter Christiansen16:32.02.00:01.5Spread between the scoring runners01:24.2
9. 4524    Braden Hastings16:58.99.00:28.4
14. 4517    Justin Canals17:36.914.01:06.4
18. 4539    Jacob Williams17:52.418.01:21.9
20. 4525    Zac Hastings17:56.220.01:25.7
31. 4536    Alvin Tsang18:29.3(28.)01:58.8
37. 4523    Connor Guldner18:40.6(33.)02:10.1
38. 4519    Luke Cobabe18:41.0NS 02:10.5
39. 4538    Keller Willhite18:44.2NS 02:13.7
43. 4529    Kyle Koch18:51.2NS 02:20.7
51. 4521    Jonathan Croft19:24.8NS 02:54.3
52. 4533    Alec Parent19:25.7NS 02:55.2
55. 4528    Jonathan Kaseda19:32.7NS 03:02.2
57. 4534    Spencer Rolfson19:58.6NS 03:28.1
60. 4531    Jared Liddiard20:07.1NS 03:36.6
65. 4535    Zach Stout20:17.5NS 03:47.0
78. 4513    Zach Barton21:10.9NS 04:40.4
83. 4526    Josh Jessop21:39.3NS 05:08.8
91. 4540    Edward Yuan22:46.2NS 06:15.7
93. 4537    Bridger Welch22:53.6NS 06:23.1
95. 4527    Curtis Johnston23:18.2NS 06:47.7
105. 4512    Alan Andrade26:33.3NS 10:02.8

2.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:26:56.4)63

3.  Hillcrest HS   94
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

11. 4542    Danielle Coccimiglio20:51.511.01:19.8Spread between the scoring runners02:08.3
14. 4561    Caitlyn Webster21:26.314.01:54.6
16. 4553    Gracie Otto21:33.616.02:01.9
34. 4550    Emma Kofoed22:52.125.03:20.4
37. 4552    Isabella Oliver22:59.828.03:28.1
43. 4559    Emma Timmerman23:17.3(30.)03:45.6
52. 4547    Julia Johnston24:23.5(36.)04:51.8
66. 4562    Grace Williams26:11.4NS 06:39.7
71. 4546    Emily Johnston27:02.2NS 07:30.5
74. 4554    Moira Paul27:17.3NS 07:45.6
75. 4551    Emily Liddiard27:48.7NS 08:17.0
78. 4548    Tess Jorgensen28:52.6NS 09:20.9
84. 4545    Alicia Hatch30:18.5NS 10:46.8
91. 4557    Lilian Rose35:49.5NS 16:17.8

3.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:49:43.3)94

Monday, August 24, 2015


The Region 6 pre-region meet is at Cottonwood Complex.  The pre-region meet only has two races, girls then boys.  The girls race will be at 6:30 pm and the boys at 7:00 pm.  The bus for the meet will leave Hillcrest at 5:15 pm.

The region course is a very spectator friendly course. From the start area, you can see most of the course including the finish. The start and finish area are both near the northern end of the park.

This will be a good chance to see where we stack up in our new region.

Also as a reminder, we don't have morning practices on meet days.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Schedule Change/Updated Meet Schedule

August 26            Region VI Pre-Region Cottonwood Complex 6:30 pm
August 29            Grass Relays American Fork High 8:00 am
September 4      USU Aggie Invitational USU course 4:00 pm
September 19   Wahsatch Rendezvous Cottonwood Complex 8:15 am
September 24   Copper Hills Invitational W. Jordan Soccer Complex 4:00 pm
October 2            Park City Invitational Quinn’s Junction 4:00 pm
October 9            Region VI Championships Cottonwood Complex 2:30 pm
October 21          Utah State Championships Sugarhouse Park 4A girls 1:30 4A boys 3:00
November 7       Pre-Footlocker American Fork High 8:00 am
November 21    NXNSW Casa Grande AZ
December 5       Footlocker West Walnut CA
December 5       NXN Portland OR
December 12     Footlocker Nationals San Diego CA

We will not have a meet on Sept. 11th or 12th due to conflicts with Homecoming and ACT testing.
We will have practice both of those days.

Instead of going to the Wasatch Invitational on Sept. 25th, we are now going to the Copper Hills Invitational on the Thursday the 24th.

Saturday Practice 8/22

We will have team practice every Saturday we don't have a meet.  The times will adjust to make sure we don't run in the dark.  This week we will meet at Draper Park to run the Porter Rockwell Trail.

We will meet at 6:30 am in the northwest parking lot.  Directions from Hillcrest.

Including warm-up and cool down, practice should last about 90 minutes.

Highland Invitational Results

We had several good performances yesterday with many PRs.  Complete meet results can be found at runnercard.  Our results are on  You can also use to compare times from previous and the results grid to track this season's performances.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Highland Inviational

The Highland Invitational is at Sugarhouse Park.  Most of the course is grass, spikes are recommended. The race is a good preview of the state meet as the first two miles will be nearly identical.  The course is spectator friendly with several view areas, some of which you can see multiple parts of the course.  I will have a camera there taking pictures, but I would love to add photos from different parts of the course, especially the finish area.

Frosh.Soph Boys - 4:00 pm
Frosh/Soph Girls - 4:25 pm
Junior Varsity Boys - 4:50 pm
Junior Varsity Girls - 5:15 pm
Varsity Boys - 5:45 pm
Varsity Girls 6:10 pm
Awards Ceremony 6:30 pm

There will be some parking available in the park, with overflow parking at Highland High School or the shopping areas across the street.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Premier Invitational Results

We had some encouraging performances this week.  A few kids had some huge PRs today which is very encouraging.  Both varsity teams finished 3rd.

I have quite a few pictures to add to the slideshow.  If you have any, please get them to me.

Complete meet results are at

Mens Results

2.9 Mile 4A Varsity Boys  
Upgrade Meet Host

to see charts & hypothetical scores

Official Team Scores

2.Woods Cross48
12Peter Christiansen16:04.9Hillcrest
11Braden Hastings16:55.6Hillcrest
12Connor Guldner18:28.0Hillcrest
11Alvin Tsang18:44.2Hillcrest
10Justin Canals18:48.9Hillcrest
10Laran LewisHillcrest
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2.9 Mile 4A JV Boys  
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Official Team Scores

2.Woods Cross60
4.Judge Memorial102
9Zac Hastings18:37.6Hillcrest
10Keller Willhite18:51.7Hillcrest
11Jonathan Kaseda19:02.6Hillcrest
10Alec Parent19:51.9Hillcrest
12Zachary Barton20:41.3Hillcrest
10Spencer Rolfson20:51.7Hillcrest
10Joshua Jessop21:53.0Hillcrest
10Bridger Welch23:34.8Hillcrest
9Curtis Johnston24:55.3Hillcrest
10Alan Andrade26:14.4Hillcrest
10Jonathan CroftHillcrest
10Zachary StoutHillcrest
11Luke CobabeHillcrest
11Tristan PageHillcrest
11Luke CobabeHillcrest
11Luke CobabeHillcrest
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 Womens Results

2.9 Mile 4A Varsity Girls  
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Official Team Scores

4.Woods Cross81
11Gracie Otto21:12.4Hillcrest
11Danielle Coccimiglio21:15.0Hillcrest
9Caitlyn Webster22:27.4Hillcrest
10Emma Timmerman23:05.0Hillcrest
9Emma Kofoed23:10.8Hillcrest
11Isabella Oliver24:20.4Hillcrest
11Melissa Regalado24:21.6Hillcrest
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2.9 Mile 4A JV Girls  
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Official Team Scores

2.Woods Cross60
11Sara Diggins22:22.5Hillcrest
9Julia Johnston25:22.1Hillcrest
9Moira Paul29:51.7Hillcrest
11Grace Williams31:18.3Hillcrest
9Tess Jorgensen31:18.3Hillcrest
12Alicia Hatch37:33.8Hillcrest
9Renee Smith37:33.8Hillcrest
9Lillian Rose41:23.0Hillcrest
11Emily JohnstonHillcrest
11Kayla KelseyHillcrest
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