Wednesday, October 21, 2015

State Results

Both our boys and girls teams were quite a bit faster than last year at state, the girls about 2:20 faster and the boys 4:00.  That is encouraging and shows the work we have put in.  However, if you look at our placing, it shows how fast the state has gotten, so we need to get better.  We bring a lot of kids back for next year, but so do our main competitors in the region.  If we keep improving at this rate, it will make a big difference next year. Complete results are up on runnercard including an all classifications merge.

15.  Hillcrest HS   382
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

62. 336    Caitlin Webster20:39.455.02:23.5Spread between the scoring runners01:11.5
76. 330    Danielle Coccimiglio21:11.468.02:55.5
92. 334    Gracie Otto21:32.082.03:16.1
96. 331    Sara Diggins21:41.286.03:25.3
103. 332    Emma Kofoed21:50.991.03:35.0
117. 335    Emma Timmerman23:16.3(105.)05:00.4
122. 333    Isabella Oliver23:49.8(110.)05:33.9

15.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:46:54.9)382

 15.  Hillcrest HS   380
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

45. 338    Peter Christiansen16:41.041.01:42.1Spread between the scoring runners01:20.5
82. 337    Justin Canals17:26.973.02:28.0
86. 340    Braden Hastings17:29.877.02:30.9
99. 342    Laran Lewis17:41.689.02:42.7
111. 343    Jacob Williams18:01.5100.03:02.6
114. 341    Zac Hastings18:09.2(102.)03:10.3
115. 339    Connor Guldner18:14.3(103.)03:15.4

15.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:27:20.8)380

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Banquet Info

Our banquet will be October 27th at 6 pm in AT 200 her at Hillcrest.  We need a count of how many athletes and parents will be attending so we can make sure we have enough food.  We ask that $5 be paid to the main office for each person other than athletes.

I will need a count by Friday so we can plan adequately.

Footlocker Info

OPTION 1 (Thursday – Sunday)
(This is the traditional trip that we have been doing for many years)
Foot Locker Western U.S. Regional Cross Country Championships
Walnut, California December 3 - December 6, 2015
            This is the regional cross-country meet for the western United States.  It is an exciting meet that allows the student/athlete to not only compete for their high school, but also for the State of Utah.  They have grade division races as well as an elite race for both boys and girls.  The top eight finishers in the elite races qualify for an all expense paid trip to the National Cross Country Championships in San Diego, California on December 12th
            Competing in this Regional meet gives our athletes National exposure, which in turn opens more doors for them at the collegiate level.  It also builds confidence in the athletes as they compete at this higher level of competition against athletes from the other western states.

Chaperones: Coaches and Parents to the extent that we have one chaperon to about every 8 athletes.
Cost to the Athlete/Student: entrance fee??? (Go on line) + $290 for transportation & hotels + optional $68 Disneyland Twilight pass one park or $111 1 day Park Hopper+ Food money for 4-dinners, 4-lunches and snacks.
Travel: Charter Bus** With VCR and or DVD (If you decide to bring a movie to share, please make sure that it is G or PG only. Please no R nor PG13).
Thursday December 3, 2015
Departure: 5am Cache Valley, 6am SLC schools 7am UT county schools
Workout break and lunch @ St. George, UT or Mesquite, NV
Optional stop Wiskey Pete’s (ride roller coaster break) other breaks as needed for restrooms and dinner.
Check into the Hotels in West Covina
Student must be in rooms and Quiet by 9:30pm.

Friday December 4, 2015                              
Check out the race course                                           

Packet Pickup Mt San Antonio College Walnut, CA

Optional Trip to the Beach
Student must be in rooms and Quiet by 9:30pm.

Saturday December 5, 2015
Races and Awards
Dinner and optional Trip to Disneyland, Beach and/or other group planned activity

Sunday December 6, 2015
Departure for Utah as early as it is safe and legal for the driver to drive
Return home ETA 9:30pm or earlier if we leave CA early

Monday, October 19, 2015

State Meet Info

State will be held at Sugarhouse Park. I have the directions link for the driver's ed range south of Highland.


Parking in Sugarhouse Park is limited, will be crowded and is discouraged. With races being run throughout the day, vehicle access to the park and leaving the park will be slow. Parking for both buses and spectators will be available in the Highland High School driving range located just south of the school and adjacent to the stadium where all races finish. Use of this lot is strongly encouraged. The lot is accessed from 17th East. Only meet administration will be allowed in the lot immediately west of the starting line.

There is additional parking in the shopping center across 13th East from the park.  Be careful crossing the street if you park there.


Races will be run consecutively in the following order. Times listed are approximate:
1A Girls...11:00 am                4A Girls...1:30 pm
2A Girls...11:30 am                5A Girls...2:00 pm
1A Boys...12:00 noon             3A Boys...2:30 pm
2A Boys...12:30 pm                4A Boys...3:00 pm
3A Girls...1:00 pm                  5A Boys...3:30 pm

The bus will leave Hillcrest at 11:30 am.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Friday Practice

Friday's practice will be a hill run up City Creek Canyon.  We will meet at the NE corner of the capital grounds (our usual spot) at 8am.  We will also be meeting at Hillcrest at 7:30 if you need a ride.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Saturday Practice 10/10

Tomorrow's practice is at 8 am at the 78th S trailhead on the Jordan River Parkway.  It is across the street and TRAX line from Gardner Village.  Despite what the map shows, you can make a left handed turn into the lot.

Region Results

Everyone please keep Braden in your thoughts and prayers.  He will be fine, but everything helps.

Results are up on

JV Girls
4.  Hillcrest HS   100
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

16. 3014    Julia Johnston23:36.815.03:37.2Spread between the scoring runners02:48.8
18. 3017    Moira Paul23:57.616.03:58.0
29. 3016    Kayla Kelsey26:11.422.06:11.8
32. 3232    Emily Liddiard26:16.823.06:17.2
33. 3020    Grace Williams26:25.624.06:26.0
40. 3013    Emily Johnston26:56.2(27.)06:56.6
43. 3018    Melissa Regalado27:05.9(28.)07:06.3
44. 3015    Tess Jorgensen27:15.0NS 07:15.4
53. 3019    Lillian Rose39:44.7NS 19:45.1

4.(Total time for scoring runners: 2:06:28.2)100

JV Boys
2.  Hillcrest HS   33
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

3. 3040    Keller Willhite17:36.13.00:48.5Spread between the scoring runners00:51.2
5. 3031    Kyle Koch17:53.75.01:06.1
7. 3038    Alvin Tsang18:06.77.01:19.1
8. 3024    Markus Brauer18:19.38.01:31.7
10. 3025    Luke Cobabe18:27.310.01:39.7
16. 3030    Jonathan Kaseda18:38.5(14.)01:50.9
17. 3023    Nick Berndt18:39.6(15.)01:52.0
19. 3034    Alec Parent18:46.3NS 01:58.7
23. 3035    Spencer Rolfson18:59.8NS 02:12.2
26. 3036    Zach Stout19:24.1NS 02:36.5
27. 3033    Warren McCarthy19:25.8NS 02:38.2
28. 3027    Jonathan Croft19:34.4NS 02:46.8
38. 3022    Zach Barton20:03.0NS 03:15.4
54. 3028    Josh Jessop21:31.5NS 04:43.9
57. 3039    Bridger Welch21:47.2NS 04:59.6
59. 3029    Curtis Johnston22:08.6NS 05:21.0
61. 3041    Edward Yuan22:24.2NS 05:36.6
65. 3032    Sergio Lugo22:39.9NS 05:52.3
67. 3026    Cole Crison23:06.2NS 06:18.6
70. 3021    Alan Andrade23:34.2NS 06:46.6
74. 3037    Mack Tawa24:01.6NS 07:14.0

2.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:30:23.1)33

Varsity Girls
 3.  Hillcrest HS   103
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

13. 3042    Danielle Coccimiglio20:01.713.01:26.2Spread between the scoring runners01:45.7
15. 3048    Caitlin Webster20:20.915.01:45.4
24. 3046    Gracie Otto21:42.024.03:06.5
25. 3044    Sara Diggins21:42.325.03:06.8
26. 3043    Emma Kofoed21:47.426.03:11.9
29. 3045    Isabella Oliver21:58.9(29.)03:23.4
37. 3047    Emma Timmerman22:44.1(37.)04:08.6

3.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:45:34.3)103

Varsity Boys
2.  Hillcrest HS   57
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

7. 3050    Peter Christiansen16:19.87.00:51.0Spread between the scoring runners00:46.1
10. 3054    Laran Lewis16:43.110.01:14.3
11. 3049    Justin Canals16:51.011.01:22.2
12. 3052    Braden Hastings16:52.712.01:23.9
17. 3055    Jacob Williams17:05.917.01:37.1
26. 3053    Zac Hastings17:29.2(26.)02:00.4
28. 3051    Connor Guldner17:40.3(28.)02:11.5

2.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:23:52.5)57

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Region Meet info

The region meet will be held at Cottonwood Complex.  We will be running the same course that we ran at pre-region and the Wahsatch Rendezvous.


1:15 bus leaves Hillcrest
2:30 JV girls
3:00 JV boys
3:30 Varsity girls
4:00 Varsity boys
4:30 awards

We have an excellent chance to make it back to state with both our boys and girls teams.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Park City Results

We had a lot of good times last night.  they They don't have any of the JV girls times on the results sheet. Hopefully that gets changed after the races this morning.  Complete results are up on runnercard.

JV Boys
65 616 Willhite, Keller (HILL) M 18:39.5
76 603 Cobabe, Luke (HILL) M JR HILL 18:54.8
87 605 Croft, Jonathan (HILL) M SO HILL 19:07.1
92 611 Parent, Alec (HILL) M SO HILL 19:14.2
99 601 Berndt, Nick (HILL) M JR HILL 19:16.8
111 610 Mccarthy, Warren (HILL) M FR HILL 19:30.9
118 612 Rolfson, Spencer (HILL) M SO HILL 19:38.7
158 600 Barton, Zach (HILL) M SR HILL 20:26.0
188 613 Stout, Zach (HILL) M SO HILL 20:58.3
217 615 Welch, Bridger (HILL) M 21:45.4
230 606 Johnston, Curtis (HILL) M FR HILL 22:13.0
240 604 Crison, Cole (HILL) M FR HILL 23:02.0
242 609 Lugo, Sergio (HILL) M SR HILL 23:25.0
253 599 Andrade, Alan (HILL) M SO HILL 24:40.0
255 614 Tawa, Mack (HILL) M SR HILL 24:50.5

JV Girls
124 189 Johnston, Julia F FR HILL
125 193 Paul, Moira F SO HILL
142 196 Williams, Grace F JR HILL
144 191 Kelsey, Kayla F JR HILL
163 194 Regalado, Melissa F JR HILL
165 192 Liddiard, Emily F FR HILL
181 190 Jorgensen, Tess F FR HILL
229 195 Rose, Lillian F FR HILL

Varsity Boys
21 1129 Christiansen, Peter M SR HILL 16:28.4
48 1131 Hastings, Braden M JR HILL 16:52.5
80 1128 Canals, Justin M SO HILL 17:17.1
95 1134 Lewis, Laran M SO HILL 17:24.6
113 1136 Williams, Jacob M SR HILL 17:44.0
122 1132 Hastings, Zac M FR HILL 17:50.1
132 1130 Guldner, Connor M SR HILL 18:07.2
142 1135 Tsang, Alvin M JR HILL 18:20.8
149 1127 Brauer, Markus M FR HILL 18:31.6
161 1133 Kaseda, Jonathan M JR HILL 18:55.6

Varsity Girls
42 965 Coccimiglio, Danielle F JR HILL 20:10.7
67 971 Webster, Caitlin F FR HILL 20:50.1
82 969 Otto, Gracie F JR HILL 21:09.4
87 966 Diggins, Sara F JR HILL 21:22.0
100 968 Oliver, Isabella F JR HILL 21:52.2
104 967 Kofoed, Emma F FR HILL 21:58.6
124 970 Timmerman, Emma F SO HILL 22:30.4

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Park City Invitational Info

The Park City Invitational will be held at the Quinn's Junction Sports Complex near Park City.  Parking is somewhat limited and they may have parking at other sites with shuttles. They have done that in the past, but that information wasn't included in the meet information sheet.


2:00 PM Bus leaves Hillcrest
3:30 PM: Open race for coaches, middle school, parents, community
4:00PM: Girls JV
4:30PM: Boys JV Schools A-L
5:00PM: Boys JV Schools M-Z
5:30PM: Girls Varsity
6:00PM: Boys Varsity
6:30PM: Awards

Medals go to the top 20 individuals and top 3 varsity teams.  This is a spikes course.  This is a hilly course with a downhill finish. Despite the hills, this is a fast course. I'm expecting many new PRs tomorrow.