Friday, March 17, 2023

Salt Lake Classic Schedule

 This meet is at two locations, Corner Canyon for the sprints, hurdles, and jumps, and Riverton for distance and throws.

Sprints/Hurdles @Corner Canyon High School

(Rolling Schedule, wi9ll go to next event if ahead of schedule)

Start Time          Event          Number of Heats

10:00 am             100G            13

10:26 am              100B            16

10:58 am              100H            8

11:22 am               110H            8

11:46 am               4x100G       2

11:53 am               4x100B       2

12:00 pm              400G          6

12:16 pm               400B          9

12:41 pm               4x200G     2

12:55 pm               4x200B     2

1:09 pm                 300G         6

1:39 pm                 300B         8

2:19 pm                 200G        12

2:49 pm                 200B        15

3:26 pm                 4x400G    1

3:32 pm                 4x400B    2

Morning Field Events Starting @ 10:00 am

Pole Vault (Boys and Girls)

Boys Long Jump

Girls High Jump

Afternoon Field Events Starting @ 12:30 pm (Following the conclusion of the previous events)

Girls Long Jump

Boys High Jump


Distance @ Riverton High School

(Set Times, will not go to the next event if ahead of schedule)

Start Time          Event          Number of Heats

10:30 am             1600G          3

11:00 am              1600B         5

11:45 am               800G          3

12:05 pm              800B          3

12:25 pm              3200G        1

12:45 pm              3200B        2

1:15 pm                 4x800G     1

1:30 pm                4x800B     1

Morning Field Events (Weigh-ins @ 10:00 am) Starting @ 10:30 am

Boys Discus

Girls Shot Put

Girls Javelin

Afternoon Field Events Starting @ 12:45 pm (Following the conclusion of the previous events)

Girls Discus

Boys Shot Put

Boys Javelin


Friday, March 10, 2023

Spike Night at Salt Lake Running Co

Salt Lake Running Co is holding a spike night at their Sandy location on Thursday March 16th. Use the link to reserve your spot at the best time for you.  Time slots start at 4 pm and continue every 30 minutes to 7:30.  They have 15 spots for each 30 minute session and some are already taken.  

If you don't know what kind of shoes you need for your events, this is a good opportunity to find out more about what is available.

Team Gear and Uniforms

 Some clarification on team gear and uniforms

All members of the team will get a long sleeve team shirt when they pay their participation fee.  

All other team gear and uniform items will be paid for in the office. Then bring the receipts to Coach Stucki

Team hoodies are available for $20.

The uniform singlet (top) is $30. Athletes who already have a singlet, will not need to buy a new one.

The uniform shorts are plain black: Boy's 1/2 tights are $24, running shorts are  $18, girls spandex boy-cut shorts are $18.  I also have longer shorts for throwers for $15 

Wednesday, March 01, 2023

The Retirement of a Blog

 After many years as the home of Hillcrest Track and Field and Cross-Country, this blog is going to be moved to the Hillcrest Athletics site at  Cross-Country and Track and Field will have their own pages on the site, but headlines for both entries for both sports will appear on the main page.  The move will enable us to post photos on the site, which we have not been able to do for a few years on this blog.  

The move will also have the added bonus of not being blocked by district web filters.  

As we transition to the new site, entries will be posted in both places for the next few weeks.