Thursday, January 25, 2018

UHSTCA Indoor Meet Information

The UHSTCA Indoor Championships are held at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns. This is a very large two day meet.  There will be over 1500 athletes from at least three states participating.  Parking can become limited.  There are parking lots across 4000 W. at a church house and Kearns high if necessary. Spectators will be charged $3 for each session.

The Olympic Oval requires a waiver prior to participation in their facilities.  The waiver can be found here.

Friday schedule:

Field Events Times are approximate.  Events will start as soon as the previous event is done.

3:00 pm Check in all Field Events (Ice Oval)
4:00 pm- Girls’ Shot Put (KOPF Center) 25’ minimum
4:00 pm- Girls’ Long Jump (ice oval) 14’ minimum
4:00 pm- Boys’ High Jump (Kearns Rec Center) 5’ 2 opening
4:00 pm- Girls’ Pole Vault (ice oval) 6’ 6, 7’ 2, 7’ 10, 8’ 6, then raised 6”
5:30 pm- Boys’ Long Jump (ice oval) 17’ minimum
6:00 pm- Boys’ Shot Put (Kearns Rec Center) 35’ minimum
6:00 pm- Girls’ High Jump (Kearns Rec Center) 4’ 4 opening
6:30 pm Boy’s Pole Vault (ice oval) 8’ 6, 9’ 2, 9’ 10, 10’ 6 then raised 6”
8:30 pm- Boys’ Triple Jump no minimums
8:30 pm- Girls’ Triple Jump no minimums

Track Events will be run on a rolling schedule.
Heats will be run Girls than Boys, Fastest heats first
3:00pm Track open for warmups/packet pickup
4:00 1600 M Run
400 M Dash
4 X 800 M Relay

Saturday Events:
8:00 am Track Open
9:00 am-60m HH Prelims
60m Dash Prelims
4 x 200m Relay
60m HH Finals
60m Dash Finals
800m Run
200m Dash
3200m Run
4 X 400m Relay

Thursday, January 18, 2018

WSU Indoor Information

The WSU meet is in the Stromberg Health and Physical Education Center on the Weber campus.  The entrance is on the south lower level doors near the soccer field.  There is parking available east of the soccer field and west of the football stadium.

Spectators 14 and older will be charged $5.

Fastest heats are first. Report to the bullpen 20 minutes prior to your event.  I will not be there on Saturday, so make sure you get there in time to warm up.  Listen to the calls of the events so you don't miss your event.

The meet will run on a rolling schedule, so the only scheduled time is the first event.

Friday field events: spikes will be allowed in shoes for the jumping events

4:30pm Boys & Girls Shot Put: Trials and Finals (Two Rings)
4:30pm Girls Long Jump: Trials and Finals (Boys to Follow)
6:30pm Girls High Jump (Boys to Follow)
6:30pm Pole Vault (Girls begin at 6’06, Boys join at 9’06)

Saturday track events: spikes will not be allowed in shoes.  Wear blanks or just take the spikes out for your races. I will have the spike box at practice Friday.  I may not have enough for everyone.

Girls heats are first, fastest heats first

9:00am 55m Hurdles
55m Dash
3200m Run
55m Hurdles Finals (1 Heat - Top 6)
55m Dash Finals (1 Heat - Top 6)
400m Dash
800m Run
200m Dash
1600m Run
4 x 400m Relay
4 x 800m Relay

Monday, January 15, 2018

MLK Day Practice

We're doing a trail run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  We will meet at the Orson Smith Trailhead at 1 pm.

The preferred option is then to carpool a bit more than a mile up the road to the East Bench Trailhead.  It is a bit of a rough road, so higher profile vehicles may be necessary.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

BYU Indoor Meet information

The BYU Indoor meet will be held on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th.  Field events and the 2 mile run will be on Friday with the remainder of the meet on Saturday.

The meet is held in the Smith Fieldhouse on the BYU Campus. Parking is just north of the indoor practice facility. 

From the meet site: Registration - The impact of legal liabilities and litigation has reached into our event. All registration must be completed by the parents of each participant. Be sure to enter the name of your school in the team box. The waiver must be agreed-to and payment must be made at the time of registration. Registration will only be accepted online. There will be no registration at the meet! If you do not pre-register online before the meet, you will not be able to compete! We apologize for the inconvenience. Such are the results of the legal world that we now live in.

I'm still planning on registering and paying team fees for our athletes, but in order to do that, I will need parent emails, work and home phone and last 4 of athlete social.  The deadline is Friday morning at 8 am.  I am planning on completing registration Thursday evening. I am sending a copy of the waiver home with the athletes. 

Admission: BYU is charging $6 for admission for all spectators.

Meet Schedule
 1:45 pm – 2 Mile check-in opens
 2:15 pm – 2 Mile check-in closes for seeding
 2:30 pm – 2 Mile (Girls first, then Boys)
 5:00 pm – Girl’s Shot Put
 5:00 pm – Boy's Shot Put, Boy's Weight to follow, Girl's Weight to follow.
 5:00 pm – Girl's Pole Vault, Boy's to follow
 5:00 pm – Boy's High Jump, Girl's to follow
 5:00 pm – Girl's Long Jump, Boy's to follow
 6:45 am Coaches Meeting
 7:00 am start (Girls first, then Boys)
  1 Mile
  60M Hurdle Trials
  60M Trials
  400 M Timed Finals
  60M Hurdle Finals (top 9)
  60M Finals (top 8)
  800M Timed Finals
  200M Timed Finals
  Coach's Mile Run (coed)
  4 x 1 lap Relay (up to 16 teams)