Saturday, April 27, 2019

BEES Invitational Reschedule

The BEES Invitational has been moved to Monday due the series of lightning strikes in Brigham City on Friday.

The meet is scheduled to start at 1, so we will be getting back at a reasonable time.

The order of events will be the same.

Friday, April 26, 2019

BEES Invitational

The Bees Invitational is at Box Elder High School in Brigham City.

Meet Schedule:
Field Events 3:00- Boys Shot Put/Girls to follow
3:00- Girls Javelin/Boys to follow
3:00- Girls Discus/Boys to follow
3:00- Girls High Jump/Boys to follow
3:00- Boys Long jump/Girls to follow
3:00- Girls Pole-vault/Boys to follow
Track Order of Events (Girls will run first in each event) Events begin at 3pm
100m/110m Hurdles
100m Dash
1600m Run
4x100m Relay
400m Dash
300m Hurdles
800m Run Medley Relay
200m Dash
3200m Run Seeded Race
4x400m Relay
3200m Run Non-Seeded Race

Friday, April 19, 2019

Deseret Peak Invitational

The Deseret Peak Invitational is at Stansbury High School.  

Heat and Flight Assignments

Meet Schedule:

9:00   Coaches’  Meeting  at the finish line.
9:30  Girls’ Javelin, Boys’ High Jump, Girls’ Long Jump, Girls’ Shot, Boys’ Disc (In flights as appropriate)
(Second sessions of all field events will begin upon completion…)
Track Events: (Girls followed by Boys)
9:45  Medley Relay (Sticker your anchor leg please.)
100/110 M Hurdles
1600M (In Alleys…Sticker your runners)
4X100M Relay (Volunteer for Exchange JudgeJ)
300M Hurdles
800M (In Alleys…Sticker your runners)
3200M (Waterfall or Alleys…Sticker you runners)
4X400M Relay (3 turn stagger…Sticker your anchor leg)

Davis Invitational Info

The Davis Invitational is at Davis High in Kaysville.  They will be charging admission for spectators, I think $3, but it may have increased.

Heat and Flight Assignments


Schedule of Events

OPEN FIELD EVENTS8:00-8:45 Weigh-in

9:00- Girls Long Jump
Boys High Jump
 Girls Shot Put
 Boys Discus
 Girls Javelin
 Girls Pole Vault (Raised 75' Runway)
 Boys Pole Vault

11:00- Boys Long Jump
 Girls High Jump
 Boys Shot Put
 Girls Discus
 Boys Javelin

8:30- Girls 100m Hurdles
8:45- Boys 110m Hurdles
9:00- Girls 100m Dash
9:20- Boys 100m Dash
9:45- Girls 1600m Run
10:15- Boys 1600m Run
10:45- Girls 4x100m Relay
10:55- Boys 4x100m Relay
11:05- Girls 400m Dash
11:15- Boys 400m Dash
11:30- Girls 300m Hurdles
11:45- Boys 300m Hurdles
12:00- Girls 800m Run
12:15- Boys 800m Run
12:35- Girls Medley Relay
12:45- Boys Medley Relay
12:55- Girls 200m Dash
1:10- Boys 200m Dash
1:30- Girls 3200m Run
1:45- Boys 3200m Run
2:00- Girls 4x400m Relay
2:15- Boys 4x400m Relay

Events will be moved ahead of schedule whenever possible.

2:15-3:00- LUNCH BREAK for Coaches, Sponsors, and Officials

2:15-2:45 Weigh-in

1:00- Girls Pole Vault

3:00- Girls Long Jump
 Boys High Jump
 Girls Shot Put
 Boys Discus
 Girls Javelin

3:30- Boys Pole Vault

4:30- Boys Long Jump
 Girls High Jump
 Boys Shot Put
 Girls Discus
 Boys Javelin

INVITED RUNNING EVENTS3:15- Girls 100m Hurdles
3:20- Boys 110m Hurdles
3:25- Girls 100m Dash
3:30- Boys 100m Dash
3:35- Girls 1600m Run
3:45- Boys 1600m Run
3:55- Girls 4x100m Relay
4:00- Boys 4x100m Relay
4:05- Hall of Fame Ceremonies
4:15- Girls 400m Dash
4:20- Boys 400m Dash
4:25- Girls 300m Hurdles
4:30- Boys 300m Hurdles
4:35- Girls 800m Run
4:40- Boys 800m Run
4:45- Girls Medley Relay
4:55- Boys Medley Relay
5:05- Girls 200m Dash
5:10- Boys 200m Dash
5:15- Girls 3200m Run
5:30- Boys 3200m Run
5:45- Girls 4x400m Relay
5:55- Boys 4x400m Relay
6:05- Girls 4x800m Relay
6:20- Boys 4x800m Relay
6:40- Presentation of Outstanding Performer and Performance Awards

Friday, April 12, 2019

Grizzly Invitational

Grizzly Invitational is at Logan High School.

Heat sheets

Bus 5:30 am
Schedule: Field events start 8:30  Track events start 9:00

Running Events Field Events
Girls First then Boys
Medley Relay Gender not listed participates second
3200 Meter Run Girls Javelin - 70’ (90’ - boys)
100 Meter Hurdles Boys Shot Put - 32’ (25’ - girls)
110 Meter Hurdles Girls Discus - 80’ - (100’ - boys)
100 Meter Dash Boys High Jump - 5’04 (4’02 - girls)
400 Meter Dash Girls Long Jump - 12’ (17’00 - boys)
4x100 Meter Relay Boys Triple Jump
800 Meter Run Girls Pole Vault - 6’00, (9’00 - boys)
4x200 Meter Relay*
Steeplechase (no water pit)*
4x800 Meter Relay*
300 Meter Hurdles
200 Meter Dash
1600 Meter Run
4x400 Meter Relay
4x100 Coaches Relay*
4x100 Weight Relay*