Thursday, September 24, 2015

Saturday Practice

This Saturday we will be doing the Albion Basin run.  We could use some driving help with our young team.  We will be meeting at Hillcrest at 7:45 am, the park and ride lot at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon at 8:00 am and at Alta at about 8:30 am for our mountain hill run.

Copper Hills Invitational Results

Our varsity boys had a good meet with Peter (3rd) and Braden (9th) finishing in the medals and the team placing 3rd to bring home a trophy

The course was really slow, so we really didn't have any PRs out of this meet. Don't forget we will meet at 2:30 in my classroom before practice.

JV Girls

41 Kelsey, Kayla Hillcrest HS 28:54.12 27
42 Johnston, Emily Hillcrest HS 28:54.33 28
44 Williams, Grace Hillcrest HS 28:58.83 29
52 Paul, Moira Hillcrest HS 30:19.61 33
68 Liddiard, Emily Hillcrest HS 32:12.28 41
82 Rose, Lillian Hillcrest HS 45:48.26 46

JV Boys

11 Tsang, Alvin Hillcrest HS 19:59.24 11
16 Hastings, Zac Hillcrest HS 20:22.21 13
21 Kaseda, Jonathan Hillcrest HS 20:40.75 17
29 Cobabe, Luke Hillcrest HS 21:11.31 22
32 Berndt, Nick Hillcrest HS 21:17.72 25
37 Koch, Kyle Hillcrest HS 21:23.81 27
39 Rolfson, Spencer Hillcrest HS 21:33.66 29
52 Croft, Jonathan Hillcrest HS 22:00.84
95 Barton, Zach Hillcrest HS 23:53.69
100 Welch, Bridger Hillcrest HS 23:59.31
124 Jessop, Josh Hillcrest HS 25:52.18
125 Crison, Cole Hillcrest HS 25:52.59
130 Cali, Matt Hillcrest HS 26:09.72
132 Johnston, Curtis Hillcrest HS 26:19.56
134 Lugo, Sergio Hillcrest HS 26:34.46
137 Andrade, Alan Hillcrest HS 27:11.06
142 Tawa, Mack Hillcrest HS 29:49.84

Varsity Girls

18 Diggins, Sara Hillcrest HS 23:15.09 18
20 Webster, Caitlin Hillcrest HS 23:17.81 20
28 Coccimiglio, Danielle Hillcrest HS 23:40.00 28
31 Otto, Gracie Hillcrest HS 23:53.04 31
37 Kofoed, Emma Hillcrest HS 24:19.37 37
45 Timmerman, Emma Hillcrest HS 25:42.33 45
47 Oliver, Isabella Hillcrest HS 25:58.24 47

Varsity Boys

3 Christiansen, Peter Hillcrest HS 17:30.93 3
9 Hastings, Braden Hillcrest HS 17:59.69 9
16 Canals, Justin Hillcrest HS 18:34.03 16
19 Lewis, Laran Hillcrest HS 18:38.22 19
26 Williams, Jacob Hillcrest HS 19:06.50 26
31 Guldner, Connor Hillcrest HS 19:36.06 31
41 Brauer, Markus Hillcrest HS 20:20.44 41

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Copper Hills Invitational Info

The Copper Hills Invitational is at the West Jordan Soccer Complex.  There are three large parking lots at the complex.  The lot to the west with access from New Bingham Highway is closest to the start/finish area.


JV Girls Race Start Time:                                3:30 pm
JV Boys Race Start Time:                                4:00 pm
Varsity Girls Race Start Time:                         4:30 pm

Varsity Boys Race Start Time:                         5:00 pm


Medals will be awarded to the top 15 in the varsity races and top 10 in the JV races.  
Trophies for the top 3 teams in the varsity races.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wahsatch Rendezvous Results

We have morning practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this week. We will be in the weight room on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Don't forget we will have a short meeting in my room at 2:30 right after school Monday.  Complete meet results can be found at runnercard.

15.  Hillcrest HS   439
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

150. 390    Emily Liddiard26:40.780.06:07.9Spread between the scoring runners03:16.1
151. 391    Moira Paul26:44.281.06:11.4
164. 387    Emily Johnston27:33.488.07:00.6
179. 389    Tess Jorgensen28:22.993.07:50.1
195. 386    Alicia Hatch29:56.897.09:24.0
207. 392    Lillian Rose38:56.0(99.)18:23.2

15.(Total time for scoring runners: 2:19:18.0)439

15.  Hillcrest HS   398
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

66. 395    Markus Brauer18:48.056.01:45.0Spread between the scoring runners01:03.5
98. 401    Jonathan Kaseda19:18.779.02:15.7
108. 402    Kyle Koch19:29.482.02:26.4
117. 398    Jonathan Croft19:44.187.02:41.1
125. 407    Spencer Rolfson19:51.594.02:48.5
133. 404    Warren McCarthy20:03.1(97.)03:00.1
180. 394    Zach Barton20:59.5(117.)03:56.5
254. 399    Josh Jessop22:34.0NS 05:31.0
271. 400    Curtis Johnston23:14.9NS 06:11.9
275. 409    Edward Yuan23:24.6NS 06:21.6
284. 408    Bridger Welch23:50.2NS 06:47.2
288. 403    Sergio Lugo23:52.8NS 06:49.8
299. 397    Cole Crison25:21.9NS 08:18.9
302. 393    Alan Andrade25:55.6NS 08:52.6

15.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:37:11.7)398

Girls Varsity

Caitlin Webster            Hillcrest      22:13.7
Emma Kofoed              Hillcrest      22:35.5
Emma Timmerman      Hillcrest      23:16.4
Isabella Oliver              Hillcrest      23:59.4
Kayla Kelsey                Hillcrest      26:38.2

Boys Varsity
10.371  Peter ChristiansenSrHillcrest HS16:29.8
11.372  Justin CanalsSoHillcrest HS17:50.3
13.379  Laran LewisSoHillcrest HS17:52.0
15.380  Connor GuldnerSrHillcrest HS18:27.4
17.381  Alvin TsangJrHillcrest HS19:32.0
13.382  Luke CobabeJrHillcrest HS18:50.7
13.383  Keller WillhiteSoHillcrest HS18:51.1

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cross country is....

I found this poem playing on the internet today.  I think it sums up this sport pretty well.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Wahsatch Rendezvous Information

This meet has a unique format for the varsity races as well as an open race for coaches and family members.  The cost of the open race is $10. If you have 3 or more members from your family running, it is $5 each. The meet is at the Cottonwood Complex 4300 S. 1300 E.

This meet features a girls’ JV race and a boys’ JV race beginning at 9:00 a.m. Starting at 10:10 a.m. the boys will lead off a series of 14 varsity races (Seven races for boys and seven races for girls). All number seven team runners will race one another, and then the number six team runners will race each other, etc. The girls’ team races will leave the starting line two minutes after the boys’ team races. We will again offer the classic Wahsatch Rendezvous T-shirts for $15. Please tell your runners in advance about the t-shirt sale.

Scoring The team score will be computed by totaling the finish places of all seven runners. A perfect score would be 7, with one team of runners winning all 7 races. In the event of a tie, the place will be determined by calculating the team’s total time. If a team cannot field 7 runners for the meet, the team will not qualify for 1st and 2nd place trophy awards.

Awards The top five runners in each varsity race will receive a medal, thereby allowing athletes who don’t often medal to be recognized. Additionally, the winner of each race will receive a t-shirt with CHAMPION on the back. The top fifteen junior varsity finishers will receive medals. Those runners placing sixteen through thirty will receive ribbons. Team trophies will be awarded to the top two girls’ and boys’ teams.

Time Schedule
7:15 Bus leaves Hillcrest
7:30 Registration & Packet Pickup in the Pavilion
7:50 Coaches’ Meeting
8:15 Open Race
9:00 Girls’ JV Race
9:30 Boys’ JV Race
10:10 #7 Varsity Race (Boys first, girls 2 min. after)
10:25 #6 Varsity Race
10:40 #5 Varsity Race
10:55 #4 Varsity Race
11:10 #3 Varsity Race
11:25 #2 Varsity Race
11:40 #1 Varsity Race
12:15 Awards Ceremony

Sunday, September 06, 2015

USU Aggie Invitational Results

We had a pretty good meet with many PRs set today. My two highlights of the meet were Zac Hastings finishing 4th in the rookie race and Lillian Rose outkicking the Herriman runner at the end of the race.  This was a runnercard race, so all results are available there as well as at

Rookie Girls Results (107 runners)

57.296  Kayla KelseyJr1.  Hillcrest HS27:40.3
65.294  Julia JohnstonFr2.  Hillcrest HS28:48.3
67.297  Emily LiddiardFr3.  Hillcrest HS28:51.4
106.299  Lillian RoseFr4.  Hillcrest HS42:09.6

Rookie Boys Results (181 runners)

8.  Hillcrest HS   201
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

4. 287    Zac Hastings18:36.94.00:35.9Spread between the scoring runners04:21.5
18. 284    Markus Braurer19:56.318.01:55.3
56. 292    Spencer Rolfson21:05.944.03:04.9
83. 288    Josh Jessop22:05.361.04:04.3
107. 293    Edward Yuan22:58.474.04:57.4
122. 289    Curtis Johnston23:33.5(78.)05:32.5
156. 286    Cole Crison25:36.9(91.)07:35.9
163. 283    Alan Andrade27:02.2NS 09:01.2
166. 290    Sergio Lugo27:17.1NS 09:16.1

8.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:44:42.8)201
JV Girl Results (110 runners)

78.300  Grace WilliamsJr1.  Hillcrest HS26:57.7
JV Boys Results  (173 runners)

9.  Hillcrest HS   228
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

22. 277    Alvin Tsang18:29.318.01:15.0Spread between the scoring runners01:28.0
54. 279    Keller Willhite19:25.943.02:11.6
65. 275    Alec Parent19:42.548.02:28.2
78. 271    Jonathan Croft19:56.159.02:41.8
80. 272    Jonathan Kaseda19:57.360.02:43.0
81. 273    Kyle Koch19:58.0(61.)02:43.7
91. 270    Nick Berndt20:10.3(67.)02:56.0
130. 269    Zach Barton21:48.6NS 04:34.3
137. 276    Zach Stout22:23.1NS 05:08.8
150. 278    Bridger Welch23:04.6NS 05:50.3

9.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:37:31.1)228

Varsity Girls Results (95 runners)

11.  Hillcrest HS   270
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

43. 308    Danielle Coccimiglio21:53.843.03:08.6Spread between the scoring runners01:11.3
50. 312    Gracie Otto22:15.750.03:30.5
56. 309    Sara Diggins22:40.056.03:54.8
58. 314    Caitlin Webster22:47.058.04:01.8
63. 310    Emma Kofoed23:05.163.04:19.9
72. 313    Emma Timmerman23:35.9(72.)04:50.7
83. 311    Isabella Oliver24:43.3(82.)05:58.1

11.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:52:41.6)270

Varsity Boys Results (96 runners)

8.  Hillcrest HS   185
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

16. 302    Peter Christiansen16:47.616.01:15.2Spread between the scoring runners01:35.7
24. 305    Braden Hastings17:12.924.01:40.5
39. 301    Justin Canals17:42.239.02:09.8
53. 307    Jacob Williams18:21.152.02:48.7
55. 306    Laran Lewis18:23.354.02:50.9
57. 304    Connor Guldner18:26.6(56.)02:54.2
65. 303    Luke Cobabe18:49.2(64.)03:16.8

8.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:28:27.1)185

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Labor Day Weekend workout schedule

We will have practice on Saturday and Monday mornings during the weekend.

Saturday we will meet at 8:00 am at the Wrangler Trailhead to run Dimple Dell.

Monday we will be running City Creek canyon.  Either meet at Hillcrest at 6:30 am or at the NE corner of the capital at 7:00 am.  This is the same place we met for the HARC week time trial.  If you can help with rides to the capital let me know.

USU Aggie Invitational Information

The Aggie Invitational is on the Reeder XC course on the USU campus.  This is a very spectator friendly course with no hills or trees to block the view.  You will be able to see most of the course from the start area.  This is a spikes course.  The entire course is either grass or packed dirt.

Parking will be just east of the course on 1400 N.  If the bus parking lot is full, there is additional parking at USU athletic facilities. If you are driving up to the meet, avoid the nightmare that is Logan Main St. by taking 10th W to 1400N.  There is a convenience store on the corner you need to take for 10th W.  Google Map directions are on the parking link.

Meet Schedule
1:20 pm departure from Hillcrest
3:00pm Packet Pickup
3:30pm Coaches Meeting
4:00pm Rookie Girls
4:30pm Rookie Boys
5:00pm JV Girls
5:30pm JV Boys
5:55pm Varsity Girls
6:20pm Varsity Boys
Awards at the end of each group (Rookie, JV, Varsity)


Rookie Top 10 Medals
JV Top 10 Medals
Var Top 15 Medals + tshirts Var

Teams 1 st Place Trophy 2 nd Place Trophy

Best of Class Certificates top 3 times boy/girl (fresh, soph, junior, senior)