Sunday, September 19, 2021

Racing Season Week 7 (Royal Run)

 This is our last week before championship season starts next week. We finish our championship preparation with the Royal Run on Saturday.

Monday Sept 20 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes + strength 3 pm speed (fartlek)

Tuesday Sept 21 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes + core 3 pm Wheeler

Wednesday Sept 22 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes + strength 3 pm Turbo

Thursday Sept 23 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes + core 3 pm tempo

Friday Sept 24 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes 3 pm Ghostrider

Saturday Sept 25 Royal Run - Roy High School 6 am

Monday, September 13, 2021

Pre-State Information

 The pre-state meet will be at the regional athletic complex 2280 Rose Park Ln.  The bus to the meet will leave Hillcrest at 6:30.  We will be returning in time for 3rd period.

Race Schedule:

8:00 Fr/So Girls

8:30 Fr/So Boys

9:00 Jr/Sr Girls

9:30 Jr Sr Boys


Spectator Entrance: Regional athletic Complex has two gates, a SOUTH and NORTH gate. For the purposes of this event spectators will enter through the SOUTH gate, the NORTH gate will be Exit only. 

Spectator Fee: Spectators will be charged for attending this meet. $5 per Individual or $15 Per Vehicle 5 people or less, $25 per Vehicle 6 or more people. Spectators are asked to purchase all Entry tickets ahead of time. This needs to be done to help with the flow of traffic and to accommodate as many spectators as possible. Receipt or Email confirmation needs to be presented to the gate attended to enter the event. (SOUTH GATE) 

No Cash will be accepted. 

There is a QR Code that I will try to put on Instagram and will go out on the parent email.

 link to url for payment

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Racing Season Week 6 (Pre-State Invitational)

This week will be a different schedule with a Thursday meet, but it will be a good dress rehearsal for the Region Championships in a couple week which will also be on a Thursday. 

Monday September 13 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes + weights 2:30 pm post-race debrief in Mettler's room A 207 then speed on the track after (rolling 200s)

Tuesday September 14 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes + core 3 pm tempo(sh)

Wednesday September 15 6 am recovery pace 30 minutes + weights 3 pm cemetery run

Thursday September 16 6:30 am bus leaves for pre-State first race 8 am  2:30 pm post-race debrief in Hurst's room then 30 minute recovery run at middle school meets (if possible)

Friday September 17 6:30 am recovery pace 30 minutes 3 pm skywalk

Saturday September 18 8 am Winchester Park for long run

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

BYU Autumn Classic Information

 The BYU Autumn Classic will be held Saturday Sept 11 at the Timpanogos Golf Club (East Bay) on the south end of Provo. This is a fast, flat course that has been used for championship races for many years.

Course Map

The bus for the meet will be leaving Hillcrest at 6 am.  

Spectator Admission - $6 

Parking Info - Parking will be available in the lot south of the Micro Focus building across the street from the course.  Don't park in the Bureau of Reclamation lot.

Race Schedule - may be delayed if there is frost on the course 

7:45 Fr/So Boys

8:20 Fr/So Girls

9:00 Varsity Boys

9:35 Collegiate Women

10:00 Varsity Girls

10:30 Collegiate Men

11:00 JV Boys

11:30 JV Girls

12:15 Awards

Results will be available on runnercard.  There will be live time checks on the course.

Monday, September 06, 2021

Racing Season Week 5 (BYU Autumn Classic)

Due to the Labor Day holiday, our post-race debrief meeting will be on Tuesday at 2:30 in Hurst's room. It shouldn't be that difficult to come up with positives about this race for most of you. 

Remember you should be at practice each day.  There are some unavoidable reasons to miss practice, make sure you are communicating with the coaching staff in all of these cases. We are about 3 weeks out from region, and 5 from divisional, so we need to keep fitness at a high level. If you can't make the morning runs at the track, get them done on your own, cross-training is acceptable if necessary.

All runs are subject to change with a forecast of more smoke in the area, so hopefully it won't be too bad.

Tuesday September 7 6 am 30 minute recovery pace + core 2:30 pm team meeting in Hurst's room then TRAX run with strides and bands after

Wednesday September 8 6 am 30 minute recovery pace + weight room 3 pm Bengal Butt and associated runs

Thursday September 9 6 am 30 minute recovery pace + core 3 pm tempo + bands

Friday September 10 6 am 30 minute recovery pace 3 pm Vine St + strides

Saturday September 11 6 am bus leaves for meet 7:30 first race BYU Autumn Classic @ Timpanogos Golf Club Provo

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Top of Utah Invitational

 The Top of Utah Invitational will be at the Weber County Fairgrounds. We will be leaving Hillcrest at 12:50.

Race Schedule:

3:00 Rookie Boys

3:20 Rookie Girls

3:45 Varsity Boys

4:00 Varsity Girls

4:15 Boys JV 6A - Open

4:30 JV Girls

4:45 Boys JV 2A - 5A

5:15 Awards

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Racing Season Week 4 (Top of Utah Invitational)

 We still have a few people that need to get physicals done and submitted and pay participation fees.  Please take care of that this week.  Unless you are new in the last week, you need to go get a physical before you come to practice.  If you are just joining us, a physical this week will be fine.

Monday August 30 6 am morning run + weights for those not in the athletics class 2:30 meet in Hurst's room for race debrief then change and speed work on the track

Tuesday August 31 6 am morning run + core 3 pm afternoon run Ghostrider

Wednesday September 1 6 am morning run + weights 3 pm afternoon run tempo

Thursday September 2 6 am morning run + core 3 pm afternoon run Skywalk

Friday September 3 6 am shakeout run plus race visualization 12:30 out of class 12:50 bus leaves for Ogden

Saturday September 4 8 am Jordan Rotary Park (northbound) long progressive run

Sunday September 5 no practice 

Monday September 6 8 am Dewey Bluth Park (subject to change)