Sunday, November 21, 2021

Post-Season Week 4 Thanksgiving

 This will be a different week with Thanksgiving.  

Monday November 22 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + strength 2:45 travel run meet at Orson Smith Park by 3:15

Tuesday November 23 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core 3 pm tennis courts

Wednesday November 24 - No school 9 am Wheeler Farm - afternoon run on your own

Thursday November 25 - No practice run a Thanksgiving race or try to get in a run with all your family activities

Friday November 26 - No practice try to get 45 - 60 minutes of running in

Saturday November 27 - No practice try to get 45 - 60 minutes of running in

Footlocker info and registration

 The Footlocker website can be found here. The price for meet registration went up today, but is still open.  Right now it is $40 through the 27th.  Register for the race based on class in school.  There is a tentative race schedule on the website.  It could change based on registration numbers.  

All costs will need to be paid in the office before we leave.  It would be best if it were paid next week. We also need the assumption of risk forms and the medical forms notarized and turned in next week as well.  All of those have to be done before we go.

Food prices in California are a little higher than here, so plan on $15 or more per meal.  The kids will be staying 4 to a room to keep costs down.  The rooms will have two queen beds.  

The individual costs will be $400, pay at the Hillcrest office. 


Wednesday Dec 1 - we will be loading the charter bus after school and the goal is to leave by 3 pm.  We will be stopping at Nephi for a driver change.  Drivers need to stop every so often by law, so we will use those stops as our bathroom and food breaks. We will be getting to the hotel late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.  

Thursday Dec 2 - we will have a morning run and then eat breakfast and load the bus for Knott's Berry Farm where we will spend most of the day.  We will have dinner either near the hotel, or on the way back from Knott's

Friday Dec 3 - We will start the morning at Mt. SAC where we will do a course jog and get our registration materials.  After we finish with that, we will go to Huntington Beach where we will spend a few hours and have lunch at various places. 

Saturday Dec 4 -  The races will go from approximately 7 am to 11 am and then we will check out of the hotel and return to SLC.  We will be stopping for meals along the way and a driver change in Beaver before returning at about midnight. 

Monday, November 15, 2021


 Here is the link to the fundraiser. 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Post-season Week 3 (XC Banquet)

 Monday November 15 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + strength 2:30 pm short meeting for everyone for fundraiser 3 pm travel run at Lone Peak Park - fartlek workout

Tuesday November 16 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core 3 pm easy run Ghostrider

Wednesday November 17 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + strength 3 pm Nate Sucks

Thursday November 18 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core 3 pm tempo run 6 pm Banquet

Friday November 19 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace 3 pm Vine St

Saturday November 20 - 9 am Draper Park long run

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Post-season week 2 (Sandy Turkey Trot)

 Monday November 8 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + strength work 2:30 pm race debrief room 433 then travel run for hill repeats at Dimple Dell - the bathrooms will probably be locked so stop on the way for bathroom breaks  This is the trailhead at the bottom of the gully in the SE corner of the park 

Tuesday November 9 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core work (don't just do abs) 3 pm easy run TRAX

Wednesday November 10 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + strength work 3 pm suck it up Buttercup

Thursday November 11 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core work 3 pm tempo run

Friday November 12 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace 3 pm easy run sky walk

Saturday November 13 - Sandy Turkey Trot or long run on your own You will need to sign up for the race with Sandy Parks & Rec The race is at Lone Peak Park The race starts at 10 am, be there around 9 to give yourself plenty of time to get warmed up for the race.

Monday, November 01, 2021

Post-season Week 1 (pre-Footlocker)

 Monday November 1 - 2:30 pm post race debrief from JV state then travel run for mile repeats

Tuesday November 2 - 3 pm easy run - newish run

Wednesday November 3 - return of morning workouts (hopefully the showers have warm water) 3 pm Bengal Butt

Thursday November 4 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core 3 pm tempo

Friday November 5 - 9 am captain's practice, run on your own if you can't make it

Saturday November 6 - pre-Footlocker Pleasant Grove high school registration starts at 8 am girls race 9:30 boys race 10:00

We don't have a bus for this race

Sunday, October 24, 2021

JV State Info

 This will be the first year of a meet that is long overdue, the JV state championship meet.  The meet will be similar to state in that we will only be racing other schools in 5A.  The meet will be held at the Spanish Fork Sports Park on a very fast 5K course. 

Course Map

Tentative Race Schedule - it is possible that our races could get moved up a few minutes.  The bus will be scheduled to leave Hillcrest at 8:15. 

Updated schedule:

9:00 1A - 3A Girls

9:30 1A - 3A Boys

10:00 4A - 5A Girls

10:30 6A Girls

11:00 4A - 5A Boys

11:30 6A Boys

UHSAA 5A XC Championships Meet info

 The meet will be held at the Regional Athletic Complex in Rose Park on Wednesday October 27th. Admission will be charged for all spectators. Because of the time of the race, we will be excused from class all day.  It is possible we will be back for 4th period.

For those who will be unable to attend, or amused by them, I will be doing a live feed of the race on the team Instagram.  

Course Map and Parking Map


8:00 am bus leaves Hillcrest

10:00 am Girls 5A race

10:30 am Boys 5A race

Parking and admission:

Spectator parking will enter the first gate of the complex. 

Spectators will be charged for parking to enter the venue. Fans will not be able to enter the venue without parking the facility. Vehicles with two-or-less individuals inside the car will be charged $10; vehicles with three or-more individuals will be charged $20. RV’s and other oversize vehicles will be charged at $40, due to the use of multiple parking spots. Vehicles will be issued wristbands at the entrance gates for the corresponding numbers of individuals inside the vehicle. Parking passes can be purchased on the UHSAA GoFan online ticket portal at or purchased at the gate. A convenience credit card fee will be charged as part of the purchase. There will be no cash option for purchase. It is advised for everyone to pre-purchase parking passes to allow for faster parking and entrance into the facility. 

Results All meet results will be posted live to the Internet. As soon as a runner crosses a timing point, those results will be posted live to the results page. We expect the time interval to be less than 10 seconds between the runner crossing a timing point and the result being displaying on the results page. Timing points will be located at the 1-mile, 2-mile and the finish line marks. Results at each timing point will display both the individual positions & times and team positions & score. When results are posted live, at this point they are still unofficial. Once the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals of the top three finishers are displayed at the top of the Overall Full Results page, the results are considered official. Results can be found on the RunnerCard website. 

Rules Reminder 

Assistance to Competitors Coaches, please educate the members of your team, their parents and others that will come to support your student athletes that per rule 9-7-4 it is a disqualification for a competitor who receives any assistance from another person. The most common form of the violation of this rule is when a non-competitor runs along side a competitor during the race (pacing). This has been a problem in the past. It would be unfortunate to have to disqualify a runner for the actions of someone not in the race. Please help by informing those who will be there to support your team. Also, any runner who assists another runner will also be disqualified. 

Championship Season Week 5 (State & JV State)

 This week is what we have been working toward since Memorial Day.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep, that is really the only way to improve your times for this week's meets.

We won't have 2nd runs this week to make our legs fresher for the races this week.

Monday October 25 -  split practice Varsity - tempo JV - speed

Tuesday October 26  - captains practice 5:00 pre-state dinner for participants and coaches

Wednesday October 27 - State - bus leaves Hillcrest at 8 am everyone on the team can go

Thursday October 28 - 2:30 state debrief room A 433 then easy run for varsity JV tempo

Friday - October 29 easy run TBD

Saturday - JV bus will be leaving at 8:15

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Championship Season Week 4

With the state meet rapidly approaching, we need to keep or consistency of training going, but the most important thing we can do now is to make sure we are getting adequate amounts of sleep in addition to training, and hydration and fuel.

Monday October 18 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + strength 3 pm Vine St extension (new variation)

Tuesday October 19 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core 3 pm TRAX

Wednesday October 20 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + strength 3 pm Highland Run

Thursday October 21 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace + core 3 pm Tennis Courts

Friday October 22 - 6 am 30 minutes recovery pace 3 pm speed workout (possible split workout with JV)

Saturday October 23 - 9 am Progressive Run