Sunday, August 28, 2022

2022 Hillcrest XC Racing Season Week 4 Tooele Region Meet

 Thank you to all the parents that came and helped run the Rendezvous on Saturday.  Things went quite smoothly thanks to your help.

This week is different with a Wednesday meet and Saturday morning practice.  The weekend workouts are very important to get done, even if out of town for Labor Day.

Monday August 29 - morning recovery pace run 20 - 30 minutes 2:25 race debrief meeting in room 433 - 3 pm speed workout on track then strength work in the weight room

Tuesday August 30 - morning recovery pace run 20 - 30 minutes 3 pm easy run - Ghostrider then strides, core and race visualization

Wednesday August 31 - morning shake out run 15 minutes recovery pace + 2 strides, 1:25 pm excused from class 1:45 bus leaves for Settlement Canyon Tooele  Girls race 4:00 pm Boys race 4:30 pm - we will be doing strength work at the meet site after each race - We should get back to Hillcrest around 6:30 pm

Thursday September 1 - morning recovery pace run 20 - 30 minutes, 2:25 race debrief meeting room 433 3 pm easy run - tennis courts

Friday September 2 - morning recovery pace run 20 - 30 minutes 12:25 practice easy run - Captain's choice

Saturday September 3 - 7 am practice meet at Draper Park long run 

Sunday September 4 - rest or active rest (no running)

Monday September 5 -  7 am practice meet at Wheeler Farm - Fartlek  1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2 1 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Wahsatch Rendezvous Schedule and Information

 This meet has a different format with multiple varsity heats, so our varsity kids will only be racing kids from other kids.

Since we are hosting, we will need some help.  


6:15 bus leaves Hillcrest

7:30 JV Girls

8:00 JV Boys

8:30 Varsity Boys #7

8:32 Varsity Girls #7

8:45 Varsity Boys #6

8:47 Varsity Girls #6

9:00 Varsity Boys #5

9:02 Varsity Girls #5

9:15 Varsity Boys #4

9:17 Varsity Girls #4

9:30 Varsity Boys #3

9:32 Varsity Girls #3

9:45 Varsity Boys #2

9:47 Varsity Girls #2

10:00 Varsity Boys #1

10:02 Varsity Girls #1

10:20 Youth Race

Sunday, August 21, 2022

2022 Hillcrest XC Racing Season Week 3 Wahsatch Rendezvous

This week we host the invitational we will be competing at.  We will need parent volunteers on the course and for packet pick up.  Make sure you have the pink assumption of risk form turned in as we will have a travel run this week.  

The morning runs are important to help recover from the more difficult runs and to keep our mileage up through the season. The runs the morning after our harder days are most important.

The date has been finalized, but we will be having a nutritionist in from TOSH to talk to the team about nutrition and hydration needs and strategies.

Monday August 22 - morning recovery pace run 20 - 30 minutes 2:25 pm meeting in room 433 for race debrief and to talk about the week's schedule 3 pm run to Crestwood for 1K intervals then back to Hillcrest for strength work 

Tuesday August 23 - morning recovery pace run 3 pm easier run Wheeler Farm then strides and core

Wednesday August 24 - morning recovery pace run 3 pm long hill run TBD (based on weather) then strength work

Thursday August 25 - morning recovery pace run 3 pm tempo run then core

Friday August 26 - morning recovery pace run  12:25 meet for captains led run 3:15 pm meet at Cottonwood Complex for course setup

Saturday August 27 - Wahsatch Rendezvous bus leaves Hillcrest at 6:15 am  We will need 10 to 20 volunteers Saturday morning to finish course set up, registration table, course officials, and finish chute help

Monday, August 15, 2022

Freber Invitational August 20

 The Freber Invitational will be at Fremont High School on Saturday Aug. 20.  


6:30 am bus leaves Hillcrest

8:30 am 8th grade race

9:00 am Boys Varsity

9:30 am Girls Varsity

10:00 am Boys JV

10:30 am Girls JV

11:15 awards ceremony

12:30 pm approximate arrival at Hillcrest

Sunday, August 14, 2022

2022 Hillcrest XC Racing Season Week 2

Our summer mileage reporting season ended Saturday.  Turn in your mileage reporting sheets to Coach Stucki on Monday.  I want the mileage totals turned in no matter how many miles were recorded during the summer.

With school starting this week, it is going to be a shock to the system.  Fatigue will likely be an issue this week.  I'm asking everyone on the team to get to bed at a time with a 9 in it.  

Hydration may also be an issue, so make sure you have a water bottle that you can be sipping from all day.  Getting enough water will be a challenge during class without a water bottle. 

Nutrition will also be important.  Have breakfast before you come to school and bring snacks you can eat between classes in addition to lunch.  Between meals and snacks, make sure you are getting protein.  

There will be a few changes to our weekly schedule.  We will no longer be doing weight lifting sessions in the morning.  We will now do those after practice on Monday and Wednesday, which will mean longer practices those days. This will also change morning run. The track and locker rooms will still be available for morning runs, but they can be done at home.

Weekly schedule: 

Monday August 15 - 30 minute morning recovery pace run - 2:25 pm team meeting in room 433. After meeting we will be doing a fartlek workout and then strength work in the weight room 

Tuesday August 16 - 30 minute morning recovery pace run - 3 pm meet by storage room for easier run then core

Wednesday August 17 - 30 minute morning recovery pace run 3 pm - meet by storage room for hill run then strength work after the run 

Thursday August 18 - 30 minute morning recovery pace run - 3 pm meet by storage room - tempo run  then core

Friday August 19 - 30 minute morning recovery pace run - early out day -  12:15 pm meet by storage room - pre-race run

Saturday August 20 - Freber Invitational - 6:30 am bus for Fremont High School

Thursday, August 11, 2022

The team store is open!

 The team store is open and will be open for a week.  There are a number items on the team store.  I am encouraging all the athletes to get the team jacket.  All other items are for athletes and/or parents.

Monday, August 08, 2022

Premier Invitational Information and Schedule

 The Premier Invitational will be at Big Cottonwood Regional Park (also commonly known as Cottonwood Complex) approximately 4300 S 1300 E.  on Saturday August 13th.  

We will have a bus for transportation to all our meets.  All athletes are expected to be on the bus. If an athlete needs to leave early, an assumption of risk form must be filled out and left with the coaches before the athlete can leave.

The course is fairly spectator friendly with several vantage points where you can see the runners pass.  


6:45 bus leaves Hillcrest

8:00 am Varsity Boys race

8:45 am Varsity Girls race

9:30 am JV Boys race

10:15 am JV Girls race

12:00 pm approximate return time to Hillcrest.

Sunday, August 07, 2022

2022 XC Summer Camp Week 11/Racing Season Week 1 Premier Invitational

 This is the last week of summer training before school starts next week and is the last week for summer mileage totals. 

The workout plan will now flip, with the primary practices being in the afternoon and the recovery runs moving to morning. We will also change our meeting place.  We will now be meeting in the space between the gym and fieldhouse.

Our first high school meet is Saturday, so registermyathlete, the $60 participation fees, and physicals need to be taken care of this week.  The registration deadline is Thursday morning, so in order to compete in the first race, that will all need to be taken care of by Wednesday. 

With the move to afternoon practices, hydration during the day is even more important as there will be more sweat loss.  Small water bottles that can be carried may be beneficial on some of our runs.  We will have access to water fountains on most of our runs, but they aren't always in convenient parts of the run.

Monday August 8 - 30 minutes morning recovery run 3 pm speed work and race tactics and techniques 

Tuesday August 9 - 30 minutes morning recovery run 3 pm practice vine street run

Wednesday August 10 - 30 minutes morning recovery run 3 pm practice Highland run

Thursday August 11 - 30 minutes morning recovery run 3 pm practice tempo 

Friday August 12 - 30 minutes morning recovery run 3 pm practice pre- race routines Ghostrider

Saturday August 13 - Premier Invitational bus leaves Hillcrest 6:45 am we return to Hillcrest around noon


Saturday, August 06, 2022

Time Trial

 We had a good morning with the time trial and breakfast.  Thanks to the Canals for breakfast and all the parents who acted as race marshals directing traffic.  After the last two years, it was nice to have a decent size group for the time trial again.

Race results can be found at as will most of our race results for the season.