Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Westlake Cross Country Classic


Bus leaves Hillcrest at 2:00
JV Girls Race 4:00pm
JV Boys Race 4:30pm
Varsity Girls Race 5:00pm
Varsity Boys Race 5:30pm


1.     Go south on I-15 until the Bangerter Highway exit
2.     Go west on Bangerter until Redwood Road
3.     Go south on Redwood Road until you reach 400 North Saratoga Springs (first right after the light at the newly completed Pioneer Crossing)
4.     The school is on the right and please park in the parking lot directly west of the football stadium.

Wahsatch Rendezvous Results

We had 5 varsity runners earn medals, Jordan, Abi and Adriana for the girls and Seth and Jonny for the boys.

Results can be found at athletic.net or runnercard.com

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wahsatch Rendezvous Schedule

The Rendezvous is a unique race where the varsity racers are by themselves against the other runners that run the same place as them for each school.  It gets exciting with as many as four races on the course at one time.


7:30 Bus leaves Hillcrest
8:00 Coaches’ Meeting
 8:30 Open Race
 9:00 Girls’ JV Race
 9:30 Boys’ JV Race
 10:10 #7 Varsity Race
  (Boys first, girls 2 min. after)
 10:25 #6 Varsity Race
 10:40 #5 Varsity Race
 10:55 #4 Varsity Race
11:10 #3 Varsity Race
11:25 #2 Varsity Race
11:40 #1 Varsity Race
 12:15  Awards Ceremony

Big Cottonwood Park (Cottonwood Complex) 4400 S. 1300 E.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Herriman Invitational Results

Mens Results x

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity x  
43Tyler Rasband21:32HILL12
54Cody Reuschel21:47HILL11
59Jace Longhurst21:56HILL11
62Tyler Liddiard21:57HILL11
88Erick Tieu22:33HILL12
104Alex Sletten22:56HILL12
111Brandon Baker23:06HILL10
116Wes Colemere23:09HILL10
117Guillermo Orellana23:09HILL11
153Micah Johnston24:26HILL12
178Hari Demirev25:32HILL10
201Josh Fairbourn29:47HILL12
5,000 Meters Varsity x  
18Dylan Smith18:25HILL11
24Jared Croft18:39HILL11
32Jonathon Egbert19:04HILL11
52Larsen Trelease19:53HILL12
59Grant Amann20:10HILL10
65Peter Johnston20:45HILL10
67Seth Huston21:53HILL12

 Womens Results x

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity x  
43Brittany Escalante28:24HILL11
57Rachel Saxton28:59HILL11
67Vilde Attramadal29:52HILL-
82Sara Butler30:54HILL11
130Rachel Kirkland46:37HILL12
5,000 Meters Varsity x  
37Elise Hall24:25HILL10
47Lizzy Huston25:14HILL10
49Adriana Castillo25:24HILL12
51Abigail Barrett25:36HILL12
55Rachel Owen27:06HILL12

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Herriman Invitational Schedule & Directions

Bus leaves Hillcrest  2:00pm 
Spectator / Middle School Start:                  3:30pm
JV Girls Race Start Time:                            4:00pm
JV Boys Race Start Time:                            4:45 pm
Varsity Girls Race Start Time:                      5:15pm

Varsity Boys Race Start Time:                    5:45pm


From I-15, turn westbound on Bangerter Hwy exit.
Turn westbound on 13400 South.
Turn left on SR-85 Southbound. (Mt. View Corridor)
Turn right on Rosecrest Road at the barricades. This is just below the school on the hill
Turn left on River Chase Road.
Turn left on Mt. Ogden Peak Dr
The race area is across the street from the second Colonial style building

Herriman Dual Results

Complete results can be found at athletic.net.  This was a good preview for Friday's meet on the same course. 

Mens Results x

5,000 Meters Boys x  
16Dylan Smith21:59HILL11
18Jared Croft22:06HILL11
21Jonathon Egbert22:21HILL11
23Tyler Rasband22:30HILL12
24Jace Longhurst22:32HILL11
26Peter Johnston22:35HILL10
27Cody Reuschel23:06HILL11
28Grant Amann23:07HILL10
30Tyler Liddiard23:14HILL11
33Larsen Trelease23:28HILL12
36Alex Sletten23:39HILL12
38Gordon Brown IV23:52HILL10
41Brandon Baker24:23HILL10
43Erick Tieu24:36HILL12
47Guillermo Orellana25:10HILL11
48Wes Colemere25:16HILL10
49Seth Huston25:18HILL12
53Micah Johnston26:09HILL12
55Hari Demirev26:54HILL10
58Eric Schneggenburger32:33HILL9
59Zach Talbot35:43HILL10

 Womens Results x

5,000 Meters Girls x  
10Lizzy Huston26:37HILL10
12Adriana Castillo26:57HILL12
13Abigail Barrett27:03HILL12
15Elise Hall27:23HILL10
21Rachel Owen28:44HILL12
22Jordan Kennedy28:44HILL12
23Brittany Escalante28:57HILL11
28Hannah Powell30:17HILL12
35Vilde Attramadal32:06HILL-
37Sara Butler32:19HILL11
40Rachel Saxton33:07HILL11
51Rachel Kirkland45:39HILL12

Monday, September 10, 2012

Herriman Duals Directions & Schedule

The bus will leave Hillcrest at 2:30

The meet will start at 4:00

Directions:  I - 15 to Bangerter, turn west on 134th So., turn left on Monarch Meadows Parkway continue on to 4800 W, turn right on Juniper Crest Rd, turn left on Mt. Ogden Peak Dr.  Providence Hall has two buildings, the course starts near the second one on the left side of the road.  The start and finish areas are just off the road with the main part of the course built into the foothills south of the road.

Wasatch Invitational Results

We had a decent day on a tough course.  We beat Olympus on the boys side for the first time after two losses to them to start the year. Probably the highlight was seeing Dylan run #1 for the boys which was expected from our top returner from last year.  Grant saw his first action of the year coming back from injury and ran #4.  We had a number of personal bests for a 5k distance which is a little surprising since it is a tough course.

Track our team results at athletic.net.

Complete results can be found at runnercard.com

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wasatch Invitational Schedule & Directions


7:00 am Bus leaves Hillcrest
8:00 a.m. Check-in/walk the course
8:30 a.m. Coaches meeting/Question and Answer
9:00 a.m. JV Fresh/Soph Boys race
9:15 a.m. JV Senior/Junior Boys race
9:30 a.m. Boys Varsity race
9:45 a.m. Girls Varsity race
10:00 a.m. JV Senior/Junior Girls race
10:15 a.m. JV Fresh/Soph Girls race

Directions: The drive to Soldier Hollow will take approximately an hour. Directions are from Google maps.  You can also get there through Provo Canyon if you would prefer a more scenic route. If you are adventurous you can use Guardsman Pass.

riving directions to Soldier Hollow, 2002 Olympic Drive, Midway, UT 840493D
Hillcrest High School
Hillcrest High School
7350 South 900 East, Midvale, UT 84047

1. Head northeast on S 900 E toward E Shelby View Dr
0.4 mi
2. Turn right onto E Fort Union Blvd
0.4 mi
3. Turn left onto S 1200 E/Union Park Ave/Union Park Center
Continue to follow Union Park Ave
0.4 mi
4. Turn right to merge onto I-215 E
7.8 mi
5. Take exit 2 to merge onto I-80 E towardPark City/Cheyenne
18.5 mi
6. Take exit 146 to merge onto US-40 Etoward Heber/Vernal
13.3 mi
7. Turn right onto River Rd
2.7 mi
8. Continue onto E 1050 N
0.2 mi
9. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit ontoRiver Rd
1.2 mi
10. Turn right onto E Main St
0.4 mi
11. Take the 3rd left onto UT-113 S/S Center St
1.8 mi
12. Turn right onto Tate Ln
0.5 mi
13. Turn left onto Stringtown Rd
0.9 mi
14. Continue onto Olympic Dr
Destination will be on the right