Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We will be having two morning practices over the Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Monday.  If you are out of town with your family, try to get some miles in.

Saturday 8 am Draper Park - meet in the parking lot at the NE corner of the park

Monday 8 am City Creek Canyon - park on E Capitol Blvd near the NE corner of the state capitol building (the 6th N exit is usually the fastest way to get there.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Aggie XC Invitational

The Aggie XC Invitational is held on the USU Steve and Donna Reeder XC Course at InnovationWellness Park on the north side of the USU campus.  After the meet, we will be stopping at the Aggie Ice Cream shop, so bring a few bucks for a scoop or two of heaven.


1:15 Bus leaves Hillcrest for Logan
3:30 Coaches Meeting
4:00 Rookie Girls
4:30 Rookie Boys
5:00 JV Girls
5:30 JV Boys
5:55 Varsity Girls
6:20 Varsity Boys
7:00 approximately, drive to get Aggie Ice Cream
9 - 10 return to Hillcrest, hopefully closer to 9 depending on how long it takes at Aggie Ice Cream

Awards will be given at the end of each race.
Rookie & JV top 10 medals
Varsity top 15 medals + tshirt
top 2 Varsity teams Trophy
Certificates to top 3 times in each class

Grass and packed trail base, spikes course

There may be parking available in the bus parking lot, on the street or nearby campus parking lots.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Racing Season Week 4 Aggie Invitational

Monday - Hillcrest 6 am 30 minutes easy run/jog 8 minutes of core (do abs, hips and back)
2:30 post-race meeting in C230 practice right after on the track (speed work)

Tuesday - Hillcrest 6am 30 minutes plus weights or body weight
2:45 pm easy run + striders

Wednesday - 6 am 30 minutes plus core
2:45 pm tempo

Thursday 6 am 30 minutes plus strength
2:45 easy pace pre-race + stride laps

Friday 6 am 15 minutes, 2 striders, breathing and race visualization
bus leaves 1:15sh for Aggie Invitational

Saturday 8 am Draper Park progressive run

Grass Relays results

The results haven't been finished yet.  I will add to them as they update:  The results will be posted at Grass Relays weebly

Boys Frosh/Soph
Lucas Schreiber 12:30
Jacob Atkinson 12:49
Zakia Kirby 13:04
Michael Odrobina 13:15
Cole Crison 14:03
Aiden Paul 15:45
Raleigh Bray 16:22
Jesse Aaron 16:23
Dallin Moon 16:35

Boys JV
Jonathan Croft 12:45
Jonathan Kaseda 12:52
Luke Cobabe 12:57
Edward Yuan 14:15
Rhys Martin 14:16
Alan Andrade 15:52

Boys Varsity
Alvin Tsang 11:42
Caylor Willis 12:02
Zac Hasting 11:26
Braden Hastings 11:20
Justin Canals 11:18

Girls Frosh/Soph
Emma Kofoed 14:36
Alexus Jensen 15:44
Julia Johnston 16:19
Tianna Corpuz 16:50
Tess Jorgensen 17:42
Jocelyn Casaola 18:56
Kaia Fairbanks 21:37
Sage Wiggins 21:42
Megan Glover 21:53

Girls JV
Emma Timmerman 14:54
Grace Cobabe 15:14
Moira Paul 15:21
Melissa Regalado 15:39
Kayla Kelsey 17:24
Tori Johnston 17:35
Emily Johnston 17:45

Girls Varsity
Cat Webster 14:55
Amelia Slama-Catron 14:22
Gracie Otto 14:26
Danielle Coccimiglio 14:11
Sara Diggins 14:00

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Westlake Grass Relays

This is a fun meet with a fast, flat grass mile loop and a few hay bales to jump over.  You may want to pick a spot near the "gauntlet" for the most excitement. The race is only 2 miles, so it goes quick. The varsity races are a 5 person relay. The meet is at Westlake High School.


6:15 am bus at Hillcrest
7:30 kids 1 mile race ($3 per entry)
8:00 am Girls JV Frosh/Soph
8:25 am Boys JV Frosh/Soph
8:45 am Girls JV Jr/Sr
9:05 am Boys JV Jr/Sr
9:20 am Girls Varsity Relay
10:40 am Boys Varsity Relay

The schedule may change as a 3rd boys JV race may be added based on the number of entries.

The top 10 finishers in each JV race will get awards.
The 15 fastest relay legs in the varsity races get awards
Top 5 teams get trophies. (We have one somewhere from years ago)

All lots in front of the school will be open for spectators.  The Driver's Ed range may be open as well.
The road behind the school will only be open for busses as will the SE parking lot.

Concessions and Bathrooms
Concessions will be available and the restrooms in the football stadium will be open.  Westlake has asked that everyone stay off the football field.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pre-region Results

We had some pretty good performances tonight.  We were second on the boys side and 3rd on the girls side.  If we finish there at region, both teams will qualify for state.  A big thanks to Dani's aunt Tiffany for providing the post race snacks. Complete race results can be found at runnercard.com.

2.  Hillcrest HS   60
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

5. 549    Justin Canals17:03.95.00:06.9Spread between the scoring runners00:48.8
8. 555    Braden Hastings17:15.98.00:18.9
9. 556    Zac Hastings17:16.99.00:19.9
18. 569    Caylor Willis17:44.318.00:47.3
20. 566    Alvin Tsang17:52.720.00:55.7
29. 565    Lucas Schreiber18:20.5(26.)01:23.5
31. 560    Laran Lewis18:26.7(28.)01:29.7
35. 553    Nathan Diggins18:46.0NS 01:49.0
36. 552    Jonathan Croft18:52.7NS 01:55.7
37. 547    Jacob Atkinson18:59.6NS 02:02.6
38. 559    Zakia Kirby19:00.0NS 02:03.0
39. 558    Jonathan Kaseda19:01.3NS 02:04.3
49. 550    Luke Cobabe19:26.7NS 02:29.7
63. 563    Alec Parent20:12.0NS 03:15.0
87. 567    Bridger Welch21:24.7NS 04:27.7
92. 551    Cole Crison21:43.7NS 04:46.7
98. 554    Parker Guzman22:08.8NS 05:11.8
118. 546    Alan Andrade24:00.3NS 07:03.3
120. 561    Rhys Martin24:37.0NS 07:40.0
121. 564    Aiden Paul24:39.1NS 07:42.1
124. 562    Dallin Moon24:55.5NS 07:58.5
125. 545    Jesse Aaron24:56.4NS 07:59.4

 3.  Hillcrest HS   78
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

12. 529    Sara Diggins21:02.511.02:01.7Spread between the scoring runners00:54.3
18. 543    Caitlin Webster21:24.415.02:23.6
19. 527    Danielle Coccimiglio21:26.416.02:25.6
20. 538    Gracie Otto21:35.417.02:34.6
23. 541    Amelia Slama-Catron21:56.819.02:56.0
37. 526    Grace Cobabe22:51.8(25.)03:51.0
40. 537    Emma Kofoed22:57.0(28.)03:56.2
41. 542    Emma Timmerman22:58.1NS 03:57.3
42. 539    Moira Paul22:59.7NS 03:58.9
46. 540    Melissa Regalado24:18.8NS 05:18.0
47. 533    Julia Johnston24:23.3NS 05:22.5
56. 528    Tianna Corpuz25:33.2NS 06:32.4
59. 535    Tess Jorgensen26:43.3NS 07:42.5
60. 532    Emily Johnston26:43.6NS 07:42.8
71. 536    Kayla Kelsey27:38.2NS 08:37.4
74. 534    Tori Johnston27:51.6NS 08:50.8
86. 525    Jocelyn Casaola30:58.0NS 11:57.2
89. 548    Megan Okamura31:16.2NS 12:15.4
90. 531    Megan Glover33:25.3NS 14:24.5

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Mileage Updates

These are mileage totals that have been turned in.  400 miles and above gets a summer mileage tech shirt.  Turn your miles in.

Zac Hastings 460
Jonathan Kaseda - 458
Alvin Tsang - 422
Zakia Kirby - 410
Parker Guzman - 408
Coach Stucki - 400
Lucas Schreiber - 400
Braden Hastings - 399
Dani Coccimiglio - 200

Monday, August 22, 2016

Pre-region Time Trials

Pre-region is a quick meet with only two races.  The girls race at 6:30 and the boys at 7:00.  The bus will leave Hillcrest at 5:00.

The meet is at the Cottonwood Complex.  Park north of the softball fields.  The start and finish lines are near the parking lot.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Racing Season Week 3 Pre-region & Grass Relays

This week is the only week of the season that has two meets.

Practice Schedule:

Monday - 6 am Hillcrest
3 pm Cottonwood Complex about 43rd So on 13th E

Tuesday - 6 am Hillcrest
3 pm Hillcrest

Wednesday - 6 am Hillcrest
2:30 quick meeting to make sure everyone has a unifrom
5:00 bus to pre-Region meet @ Cottonwood Complex
Pre-region starts 6:30 pm

Thursday - 6 am Hillcrest
2:45 pm Hillcrest

Friday - 6 am Hillcrest
2:45 pm Hillcrest

Saturday - Westlake Grass Relays
6:30 am bus leaves for the meet 1st race 8:00 am

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Highland Invitational Results

We had some really good performances today with another large numbers of PRs.  Jocelyn had the biggest with an 8 minute improvement.

You can see overall results at runnercard.com.  You can see the progress for the season at athletic.net

Freshman Boys
5.  Hillcrest HS   147
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

16. 603    Caylor Willis17:48.89.01:04.5Spread between the scoring runners02:43.3
29. 595    Jacob Atkinson18:42.821.01:58.5
38. 597    Nathan Diggins18:58.229.02:13.9
39. 601    Zakia Rigby18:58.730.02:14.4
75. 602    Lucas Schreiber20:32.158.03:47.8
103. 598    Parker Guzman21:19.6(83.)04:35.3
156. 600    Aiden Paul24:05.6(117.)07:21.3
174. 594    Jesse Aaron25:53.3NS 09:09.0
176. 599    Dallin Moon26:15.7NS 09:31.4

Freshman Girls

57.605  Tianna CorpuzFr1.  Hillcrest HS25:28.3
87.604  Jocelyn CasaolaFr2.  Hillcrest HS28:50.7
111.607  Megan GloverFr3.  Hillcrest HS31:57.2
Sophomore Boys

114.624  Cole CrisonSo1.  Hillcrest HS21:32.5
Sophomore Girls

74.626  Julia JohnstonSo1.  Hillcrest HS26:33.9
116.627  Tess JorgensenSo2.  Hillcrest HS29:45.1
150.606  Kaia Fairbanksso3.  Hillcrest HS35:16.5
151.608  Sage WigginsSo4.  Hillcrest HS35:16.8
JV Boys

261.611  Josh JessopJr1.  Hillcrest HS22:09.5
271.613  Rhys MartinSr2.  Hillcrest HS22:24.7
JV Girls

77.622  Moira PaulJr1.  Hillcrest HS23:35.4
198.621  Kayla KelseySr2.  Hillcrest HS27:47.4
199.620  Tori JohnstonSr3.  Hillcrest HS27:53.9
200.619  Emily JohnstonSr4.  Hillcrest HS27:58.4
Varsity Boys

18.  Hillcrest HS   550

PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

34. 629    Justin Canals16:10.634.01:31.0Spread between the scoring runners02:21.6
97. 632    Braden Hastings17:06.694.02:27.0
117. 633    Zac Hastings17:27.7112.02:48.1
146. 635    Alvin Tsang17:55.4138.03:15.8
184. 630    Luke Cobabe18:32.2172.03:52.6
195. 634    Jonathan Kaseda18:59.6(182.)04:20.0
208. 631    Jonathan Croft19:21.1(194.)04:41.5
Varsity Girls

25.  Hillcrest HS   680
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

93. 638    Sara Diggins20:50.286.03:49.6Spread between the scoring runners03:44.4
149. 639    Gracie Otto22:34.2138.05:33.6
154. 641    Emma Timmerman22:43.7142.05:43.1
164. 628    Emma Kofoed23:12.3150.06:11.7
179. 636    Grace Cobabe24:34.6164.07:34.0

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Racing Season Week 2 Highland Invitational

Our practice schedule changes this week.  We are shifting to afternoon practices.

If you can only make one of the practices, make the afternoon one.  I know we have some conflicts this week, I will work with you on those.  We are at the point of the season where we really can't afford any missed practices.  We should be done by 7:30 with the morning practices this week.

Monday no morning practice, but run a very easy 30 minutes in the morning.
3:00 pm @ Hillcrest It will be hot and we are doing a speed workout.  Hydrate during the day and make sure you bring water to practice.

Tuesday 6 am @ Hillcrest easy 30 minute run and core and weights
3 pm @ Hillcrest

Wednesday 6 am @ Hillcrest
3 pm @ Hillcrest

Thursday 6 am @ Hillcrest
1:30 pm @ Hillcrest bus departure for Sugarhouse Park

Friday 6 am @ Hillcrest
3 pm @ Hillcrest

Saturday 7 am @ Draper Park

Highland Invitational schedule and information

The Highland Invitational will be held at Sugarhouse Park.  This course is much more spectator friendly than last course we ran.  The start and finish are very close to each other and most of the race can be seen from that area, but it is also pretty easy to get to additional vantage points. The first two miles of this course are virtually identical to the state course.


Bus 1:30 pm
Frosh Boys 3:00 pm
Frosh Girls 3:25 pm
Sophomore Boys 3:50 pm
Sophomore Girls 4:15 pm
JV Boys 4:45 pm
JV Girls 5:15 pm
Varsity Boys 5:45 pm
Varsity Girls 6:10 pm
Awards Ceremony 6:40 pm

Medals go to the top 15 in each race.

Parking:  There may be parking available in the park, with additional parking available at Highland High just east of the park.

Premier Invitational Results

We had some really good performances on Saturday.  Most of our runners ran PR times and Sara ran our 2nd best ever time on this course for the girls.  Our boys and girls jv teams both took second behind Timpanogos.  Make sure you finish your 3 positives cards before and bring them to practice Monday if you haven't already turned them in.

Full race results are at athletic.net

11Justin Canals16:53.8 PRHillcrest
12Braden Hastings17:11.9 SRHillcrest
10Zac Hastings17:20.3 PRHillcrest
12Alvin Tsang17:34.5 PRHillcrest
11Jonathan Croft18:34.2 PRHillcrest
11Laran Lewis18:55.4 SRHillcrest
12Luke Cobabe18:58.4 SRHillcrest

12Sara Diggins20:21.4 PRHillcrest
12Danielle Coccimiglio21:27.9 SRHillcrest
11Emma Timmerman22:42.3 PRHillcrest
9Caylor Willis18:08.6 PRHillcrest
12Jonathan Kaseda18:34.5 PRHillcrest
9Zakia Rigby18:42.0 PRHillcrest
9Nathan Diggins18:56.5 PRHillcrest
9Jacob Atkinson19:49.8 PRHillcrest
10Cole Crison20:32.2 PRHillcrest
11Bridger Welch21:00.0 PRHillcrest
11Joshua Jessop21:33.4 PRHillcrest
9Parker Guzman23:52.4 PRHillcrest
9Aiden Paul26:51.4 PRHillcrest