Sunday, August 29, 2021

Racing Season Week 4 (Top of Utah Invitational)

 We still have a few people that need to get physicals done and submitted and pay participation fees.  Please take care of that this week.  Unless you are new in the last week, you need to go get a physical before you come to practice.  If you are just joining us, a physical this week will be fine.

Monday August 30 6 am morning run + weights for those not in the athletics class 2:30 meet in Hurst's room for race debrief then change and speed work on the track

Tuesday August 31 6 am morning run + core 3 pm afternoon run Ghostrider

Wednesday September 1 6 am morning run + weights 3 pm afternoon run tempo

Thursday September 2 6 am morning run + core 3 pm afternoon run Skywalk

Friday September 3 6 am shakeout run plus race visualization 12:30 out of class 12:50 bus leaves for Ogden

Saturday September 4 8 am Jordan Rotary Park (northbound) long progressive run

Sunday September 5 no practice 

Monday September 6 8 am Dewey Bluth Park (subject to change)

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Wahsatch Rendezvous Info

 The bus will leave from Hillcrest at 6:45.  We will need volunteers to help with this meet.  Please arrive by 7 so assignments can be made.

Race Schedule

7:30 Open/Jr High race

8:00 JV Girls

8:30 JV Boys

9:00 Varsity 7

9:15 Varsity 6

9:30 Varsity 5

9:45 Varsity 4

10:00 Varsity 3

10:15 Varsity 2

10:30 Varsity 1

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Racing Season Week 3 - Wahsatch Rendezvous

 We have a few different things for this week.  The team store is open, it will close Thursday.  Get your team pullover and whatever other items you would like.  The other items are for either athletes or parents. The second is that we will be having team photos on Thursday.  The photo session will take awhile as each athlete will be having individual pictures taken as well as team photos.  Wear your uniform for the photos. On Friday we will be setting up the race course so a different week.

Monday August 23 morning run + weights   3 pm practice 1000s at  Crestwood This is a change from the calendar.

Tuesday August 24 morning run + core 3 pm practice Vine St

Wednesday August 25 morning run + weights 3 pm practice Buttercup

Thursday August 26 morning run + core 3 pm practice photos shoots then tempo

Friday August 27 morning run 3 pm practice Cottonwood Complex + course set-up

Saturday August 28 Wahsatch Rendezvous

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Team store is open.

The team jacket is the one item I would like athletes to get.  All other items are optional and are for either athletes or parents/family. Here is the link

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Racing Season Week 2

 The summer mileage reporting season has ended.  Make sure you get your mileage tracker sheets in this week so we can get the mileage shirts purchased.

We still have a few athletes who need to finish the registration on registermyathlete. That as well as a physical on file and the $60 participation fee must be done before the next meet.  

We may have interesting weather and air quality issues this week, so we may have to be flexible with some of our workouts.

As we start the routine of school and practice, make sure you are getting enough sleep, fuel, and hydration.  Wash your hands frequently to help avoid having a cold or worse rip through the team. If you forget a water bottle, I will usually have some in my room.  

We will have morning recovery runs every morning at 6, meet on the track except in cases of bad air or really bad weather and then we will meet above the main gym. 

If you are in a weights class or the athletics class, I don't want you doing weights in the mornings.  

Monday August 16 morning run + weights?   2:30 post-race meeting in Hurst's room in the stem building then speed - we are going to do a fartlek workout rather than what is on the calendar

Tuesday August 17 morning run + core 3 pm practice TRAX

Wednesday August 18 morning run + weights 3 pm practice Buttercup

Thursday August 19 morning run + core 3 pm practice tempo

Friday August 20 morning run 3 pm practice Wheeler

Saturday August 21 7 am at Draper Park for long run

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Premier Invitational Results

 The races today were encouraging, but we have some work to do before we get to championship season in October.  Results are on At the moment of posting, they are incomplete, but you can see placing in the varsity races.  They lost many of the boys times in the JV race.  If you don't see your time in the results, but know it, let me know.

We will have race photos for this meet, thanks to Ella.  Once they are posted online, additional information will come.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Premier Invitational Info

 The Premier Invitational is at the Cottonwood Complex 4300 S 1300 E.  The best parking will be in the north lot but the other lots are fine as well.

Meet Schedule

6:45 bus leaves Hillcrest

8:00 Boys varsity

8:45 Girls varsity

9:30 Boys JV

10:15 Girls JV

I would prefer that the team rides home with us on the bus, but I will have assumption of risk forms available if necessary.  I can't release athletes without a signed assumption of risk form.

Monday, August 09, 2021

2021 Hillcrest XC Schedule (latest version still subject to change)

 August 14 Premier Invitational Cottonwood Complex 8 am

August 28 Wahsatch Rendezvous Cottonwood Complex 7:30 am

September 3 Top of Utah Invitational Weber Co. Fairgrounds ? TBD 

September 11 BYU Autumn Classic Timpanogos Golf Club 8 am

September 16 Pre-State Rose Park Soccer Complex 8 am

September 25 Royal Run Roy High School 8 am

September 30 Region Cottonwood Complex

October 13 Divisionals Lakeside Park

October 27 State Rose Park Complex

Sunday, August 08, 2021

XC Camp/Summer Training Week 11 - Racing Season Week 1

 Welcome to the last week of summer training. This will be our first week of afternoon practice. Two procedural things need to be taken care of this week for those that haven't already done so.  1) This is the last week for summer camp registration.  If you haven't already registered for summer camp, which ends this week, take care of that at this link. 2) All high school athletes must be registered for their sport on and have a physical on file each school year with the school.  No athlete may compete until those two steps are completed.  The UHSAA physical form is on the registermyathlete site. 

Uniforms for new team members will be handed out this week.  Plain black shorts will need to be provided by the athlete.  I have shorts for both boys and girls that can be purchased in the office for $18. For girls I have both the running shorts and spanks styles.  

This is the first week of our primary practice moving to the afternoon.  I will be at the track each morning at 6 for the 30 minute recovery run, but these runs can be done at home as well.

We will have to deal with bad air this week, so look to the group chat and/or Instagram for contingency plans.

Monday August 9 Speed Day - 400 repeats on the track 

Tuesday August 10 Vine Street

Wednesday August 11 Highland Run

Thursday August 12 Tempo Run

Friday August 13 Pre-race day routine

Saturday August 14 Premier Invitational - Cottonwood Complex 8 am bus leaves Hillcrest at 6:45 am

Sunday, August 01, 2021

XC Camp/Summer Training Week 10 - Time Trial Week

 Competition Eligibility: The season is fast approaching.  There is a checklist of things that will need to be done before our first meet: 1) all documents on need to be completed 2) a physical on the approved UHSAA form needs to be submitted either to the AD or on registermyathlete 3) the $60 participation fee needs to be paid. That can be done either on registermyathlete or through the Hillcrest office.  This is different than the summer camp fee.  Also, remember you needed a 2.0 or above for 4th quarter last year to be eligible to compete.

Summer Camp: The deadline for the camp registration is approaching, if you haven't already done that, please do so.

Summer Miles: Remember the mileage goal to get the mileage shirt is 400 miles, 250 for middle schoolers.  Make sure your mileage logs are completed.  You will turn them in after Premier.

Recovery Runs: Remember you need to get afternoon or evening recovery runs in, low effort for 30 minutes, cross-training is allowed

Monday August 2 mile repeats meet at Hillcrest at 6 for the caravan, or meet at Cottonwood Complex 4300 S 1300 E by 6:20 - park in the north parking lot

Tuesday August 3 Ghostrider - meet at Hillcrest at 6, strength work after the run

Wednesday August 4 Top of the World meet at 2300 E Bengal Blvd by 6:15

Thursday August 5 TRAX meet at Hillcrest at 6, strength work after the run

Friday August 6 Crestwood Park meet at the park by 6:15 learn the home course and pre-race day

6 pm course set up at the park

Saturday August 7 Time Trial at Crestwood Park race starts at 7 am breakfast after $5 per person (team members don't pay) We may also be doing team photos this day, more info to come