Monday, May 30, 2022

2022 XC Summer Camp Week 1

 As we begin our summer XC camp experience, make sure you are taking care of your body.  You need to eat enough protein and carbs to fuel your body through the training of the summer. The amount of calories is dependent on your size and miles totals, so fuel up. You probably need to eat a little more than you think you do.  Hydration is also crucial.  A good rule of thumb is drink half of your body weight as a starting point. So if you are 150 lbs, you should be drinking about 75 ounces of fluid a day, or more. Some of you will need to drink more than that.

The link to camp registration is now live. Please register if you haven't already done so.

If you haven't completed and turned in the yellow assumption of risk forms, please do that immediately.  I will have additional copies of all the forms at practice each day.

Parents - if you aren't on the parent email list contact Rebecca Martin 

Schedule for the week:

Tuesday May 31  Ghostrider - meet at Hillcrest at 6 am park in the gym parking lot NW west of the building.  At 6:05, we will go down to the football field to start our warm-up routine.  After the run, we will be going up to the weight room to do leg and core strengthening exercises. We will probably be done around 8:15.  Some of the warm up drills involve being on your hands and knees, so you will want to have a small mat or towel for when you don't have a nice football field to warm up on.

Wednesday June 1 - Introduction to trail running meet at Hillcrest at 6 or at the Wrangler Trailhead at Dimple Dell Gully at 6:15  The caravan will be leaving Hillcrest at 6:05 to go to the run.  This is a travel run, turn in your yellow assumption of risk forms before the run.  We park in the big lot north of the small trailhead parking lot.  We should be done before 8

Thursday June 2 - Tennis Courts - meet at Hillcrest 6 am strength core after the run - we go down to start the warm up drills at 6:05

Friday June 3 - long run Fridays meet at Hillcrest 6am or Winchester Park at 6:15 The caravan will leave Hillcrest at 6:05 Fridays will be our longest run of the week - This is a timed run and the distances will vary greatly

Saturday June 4 - Recovery Run - Do this run on your own, preferably with family or friends. For experienced runners, this should be 45 - 60 minutes long; for beginning runners it should be be 30 - 45 minutes.  Cross training could also be a good option for this day.  If you are on a family bike ride or hike that day, that can count as your weekend recovery run

Mileage shirts - In order to earn a summer mileage shirt, the high school runners need to hit 400 or more miles during our 11 week tracking period, the younger runners need to hit 275 or more.  

High School mileage goal - 36.36 miles is the weekly average you need to hit for the summer - Varsity runners should be averaging more than this

Middle School mileage goal - 25 miles is the weekly average you need to hit for the summer

Most of you will be a little less than that average for the first few weeks then your mileage will naturally build as we go through the summer

Friday, May 20, 2022

XC Summer Camp Info

 The first day of summer XC of camp will be Tuesday May 31.  We will meet at 6 am in the gym parking lot.  

The link to camp registration is now live. 

Make sure you pick up schedules and travel waiver forms.  That can be done the first day of summer practice.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

State Track Info

 The link to the Gofans site for ticket purchases for state day 1 can be found here, for day 2, here.

Here is a link to the meet schedule.  It can be downloaded as a pdf.

Our events:


10:00 girls discus

11:00 boys pole vault

11:05 girls 100 hurdles trials

12:00 girls high jump

12:50 boys 400 trials

1:00 girls pole vault

2:00 girls shot put


9:25 girls 100 hurdles finals

10:55 boys 400 finals

1:25 girls 4 X 100 relay finals

2:30 boys 4 X 100 relay finals

3:00 girls long jump 

6:15 boys 4 X 400 relay finals

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

XC Summer Camp Parent/Athlete Meeting

 If you were unable to attend the meeting, here is a link to a google slide presentation that includes at least most of what was talked about.  

I don't have a lot of specific information for the middle school kids, we basically include them with the high school kids in everything, except we don't ask nearly as much from them.  We start them off at a much lower volume of mileage and much slower paces.  

I will have paperwork in my classroom for the kids currently at Hillcrest and will have it the first day of practice for everyone else.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Cross-Country Information

 The annual parent/athlete information meeting will be held Tuesday May 16 at 6 pm in the presentation room at Hillcrest.  

The meeting is for new and returning athletes down to 6th grade.  If you have any questions contact Coach Stucki at

Friday, May 06, 2022

Region VII Championships Information

The region championships are a bit different this year as we will be staying overnight rather than bussing back and forth each day.  Because we are staying overnight, each athlete will need to complete the district medical waiver and permissions slip.  This form needs to be notarized and we also need a copy of both sides of the medical insurance cards.  This must be done or the athlete will not be allowed to go to the meet.

Schedule: Wednesday May 11th 
10 am excused from class
10:30 bus leaves for Vernal
3:30 meet starts at Uintah High
7:00 ? pasta dinner at Uintah High
8:00? settle in hotel Springhill Suites in Vernal 2 miles away from Uintah High School
10:00 pm lights out

Thursday May 12th 
7:30 am wake up calls
9:00 breakfast ends
9:15 bus leaves for meet
10:30 meet starts
3:00? lunch
7:00? arrival at Hillcrest

Meet Schedule:
Monday Pole Vault Cedar Valley High School 3:30
out of class 1:00 pm bus leaves 1:30 

Wednesday Field Events 3:30 start time
Boys Long Jump, Girls High Jump, Boys Shot Put, Girls Discus, Boys Javelin
Wednesday Track Schedule 3:30 start time
4 X 800 m Relay Final
100/110 m Hurdles Trials
100 m Dash Trials
400 m Dash Trials
300 m Hurdles Trials
200 m Dash Trials
3200 m Run Final
4 X 200 m Relay Final

Thursday Field Events 10:30 start time
Girls Long Jump, Boys High Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus, Girls Javelin
Thursday Track Schedule 10:30 start time
4 X 100 m Relay Final
1600 m Run Final
100/110 m Hurdles Final
100 m Dash Final
400 m Dash Final
300 m Hurdles Final
800 m Run Final
200 m Dash Final
4 X 400 m Relay Final