Sunday, August 15, 2021

Racing Season Week 2

 The summer mileage reporting season has ended.  Make sure you get your mileage tracker sheets in this week so we can get the mileage shirts purchased.

We still have a few athletes who need to finish the registration on registermyathlete. That as well as a physical on file and the $60 participation fee must be done before the next meet.  

We may have interesting weather and air quality issues this week, so we may have to be flexible with some of our workouts.

As we start the routine of school and practice, make sure you are getting enough sleep, fuel, and hydration.  Wash your hands frequently to help avoid having a cold or worse rip through the team. If you forget a water bottle, I will usually have some in my room.  

We will have morning recovery runs every morning at 6, meet on the track except in cases of bad air or really bad weather and then we will meet above the main gym. 

If you are in a weights class or the athletics class, I don't want you doing weights in the mornings.  

Monday August 16 morning run + weights?   2:30 post-race meeting in Hurst's room in the stem building then speed - we are going to do a fartlek workout rather than what is on the calendar

Tuesday August 17 morning run + core 3 pm practice TRAX

Wednesday August 18 morning run + weights 3 pm practice Buttercup

Thursday August 19 morning run + core 3 pm practice tempo

Friday August 20 morning run 3 pm practice Wheeler

Saturday August 21 7 am at Draper Park for long run

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