Thursday, April 29, 2021

Bingham Invitational Information

 The Bingham Invitational will be Saturday May 1st starting at 9 am.  Spectators will be allowed $5.00 per spectator or $10 per family (6 people)

Bus will leave Hillcrest at 7:30

Meet Schedule

9:00 4x800

9:15 100/110m HURDLES

9:45 100m DASH

10:00 4x200m Relay

10:30 1600m RUN

11:00 4x100m RELAY

11:40 400m DASH

12:15 300m HURDLES

12:45 800m RUN

1:35 200m DASH

2:05 3200m RUN

2:45 4x400m RELAY

3:25 Presentation of Awards

Field Events

Field Events

● Javelin (Girls) then Javelin (Boys)

● Discus (Boys) then Discus (Girls)

● High Jump (Girls) then High Jump (Boys)

● Long Jump (Boys) then Long Jump (Girls)

● Shot Put (Girls) then Shot Put (Boys)

● Pole Vault (Girls)then Pole Vault (Boys)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Deseret Peak Invitational Information

 The Deseret Peak Invitational will be held Saturday April 24 at Stansbury High School.

The meet will start at 8:30 with field events and 8:45 on the track.  Spectators are welcome, mask up and distance from other groups.


7:30 Bus leaves Hillcrest for Stansbury

8:30 weigh master opens

9:30 Field Events start

Girls Javelin, Boys High Jump, Girls Long Jump, Girls Shot, Boys Discus  

(second session begins upon completions of first session)

9:45 track events start Girls followed by Boys

Medley Relay

4 X 800m Relay

100m/110m Hurdles

4 X 200m Relay

1600m Run

4 X 100m Relay

400m Dash

300m Hurdles

800m Run

200m Dash

3200m Run

4 X 400m Relay

Region Tri-meet @ Murray Information

 The meet today will start at 3:30 at Murray High.  We will be leaving class at 1:10 for our 1:30 bus.  Remember if you need to take your athlete early from the meet, you must fill out the assumption of risk paperwork and leave it with the coaches before you take them. 

Order of Track Events (relays and the 3200 will be run Co-Ed depending on number of teams)

100m/100m Hurdles

100m Dash

4 X 200m Relay

1600m Run

4 X 100m Relay

400m Dash

300m Hurdles

800m Run

200m Dash

3200m Run

4 X 400m Relay

Field Events will be open pit, must be finished by 5

2021 Track & Field Fundraiser

 Our 2021 fundraising campaign is underway.  We are doing a donation campaign.  We are asking the athletes to email and text people they know to ask for donations.  We are also encouraging them to put the information out on their social media accounts.  Each one of the them should have a half flier with a QR code that will lead to the donation page.  I have more if needed.  Go to for the donations page.

Also, encourage people to put the name of the athlete they are supporting in the comments section.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Davis Invitational Information

 The meet will be held at Davis High School in Kaysville. Spectators will be charged $3 per person 12 and older. 


6:10 Meet at Hillcrest for bus

2021 Davis High Track and Field Invitational Schedule of Events


8:00-8:45 Weigh-in 

9:00- Girls Long Jump Boys High Jump Girls Shot Put Boys Discus Girls Javelin Girls Pole Vault (Runway opens at 8:00) 

11:00- Boys Long Jump Girls High Jump Boys Shot Put Girls Discus Boys Javelin Boys Pole Vault 


8:00- Girls 4x800m Relay 

8:15- Boys 4x800m Relay 

8:30- Girls 100m Hurdles 

8:45- Boys 110m Hurdles 

9:00- Girls 100m Dash 

9:20- Boys 100m Dash 

9:45- Girls 4x200m Relay 

10:00- Boys 4x200m Relay 

10:15- Girls 1600m Run 

10:45- Boys 1600m Run 

11:15- Girls 4x100m Relay 

11:25- Boys 4x100m Relay 

11:35- Girls 400m Dash 

11:45- Boys 400m Dash 

11:55- Girls 300m Hurdles 

12:10- Boys 300m Hurdles 

12:25- Girls 800m Run 

12:40- Boys 800m Run 

1:00- Girls Medley Relay 

1:10- Boys Medley Relay 

1:20- Girls 200m Dash 

1:35- Boys 200m Dash 

1:55- Girls 3200m Run 

2:15- Boys 3200m Run 

2:35- Girls 4x400m Relay 

3:00- Boys 4x400m Relay Events will be moved ahead of schedule whenever possible. 

1:00-3:45: LUNCH BREAK for Coaches, Sponsors, and Officials 


2:15-2:45 Weigh-in 

1:00- Girls Pole Vault 

3:00- Girls Long Jump Boys High Jump Girls Shot Put Boys Discus Girls Javelin 

3:00- Boys Pole Vault 

4:30- Boys Long Jump Girls High Jump Boys Shot Put Girls Discus Boys Javelin 


3:45 Girls 4x800m Relay 

4:00 Boys 4x800m Relay 

4:15- Girls 100m Hurdles 

4:20- Boys 110m Hurdles 

4:25- Girls 100m Dash 

4:30- Boys 100m Dash 

4:35- Girls 4x200m Relay 

4:40- Boys 4x200m Relay 

4:45- Girls 1600m Run 

4:55- Boys 1600m Run 

5:05- Girls 4x100m Relay 

5:10- Boys 4x100m Relay 

5:15- Girls 400m Dash 

5:20- Boys 400m Dash 

5:25- Girls 300m Hurdles 

5:30- Boys 300m Hurdles 

5:35- Girls 800m Run 

5:40- Boys 800m Run 

5:45- Girls Medley Relay 

5:55- Boys Medley Relay 

6:05- Girls 200m Dash 

6:10- Boys 200m Dash 

6:15- Girls 3200m Run 

6:30- Boys 3200m Run

6:45- Girls 4x400m Relay 

6:55- Boys 4x400m Relay

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The meet at East has been canceled.

 We will have practice as normal.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Taylorsville Information

 The meet will begin at 7:30 am on Saturday.  There are some tickets available for spectators.  They must be purchased on the Taylorsville athletics site. No tickets will be available at the gate.

You need to let me know by practice Thursday or text me if you will be available for the meet or not.  The deadline is Thursday evening.

The bus will leave Hillcrest at 6:15 am.