Tuesday, August 29, 2017

USU Aggie Invitational Info

The USU Aggie Invitational is held on the USU Steve & Donna Reeder Course at the Innovation Wellness Park on the north end of campus 1400 N 1000 E. The main parking lot is approximately 1100 E on 1400 N.  This is the same course that will host the NCAA Mountain Regional XC Championships in November.

After the races and awards are done, we will load the bus and take the team to Aggie Ice Cream, bring money to enjoy the deliciousness that is Aggie Ice Cream. We will back to Hillcrest about the same time the football game will end.

12:00 pm bus leaves Hillcrest
2:00 pm Packet Pickup
2:30 pm Coaches Meeting
3:00 pm JV Boys 1A-2A/Rookie Boys
3:30 pm JV Girls 1A -3A/Rookie Girls
4:00 pm JV Boys 3A-4A
4:30 pm JV Girls 4A-6A
5:00 pm JV Boys 5A-6A
5:25 pm Varsity Girls
5:55 pm Varsity Boys

Immediately following varsity races
JV top 10 medals
Varsity top 15 medals + shirts
Varsity Teams 1st place trophy
Best of Class certificates top 5 times boy/girl

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer Mileage

Here is the list of people earning the mileage shirt for running at least 400 miles in 11 weeks, hopefully the list grows as mileage gets reported.

Chandler Engar 564
Jonathan Croft 550.5
Nate Diggins 536.25
Zac Hastings 500.44
Alan Andrade 460.25
Justin Canals 460
Jacob Atkinson 419
Zakia Kirby 417.51
Coach Stucki 412.6 miles
Jonas Jorgenson 405
Anthony Davies 402.25
Parker Guzman 400.25

Racing Season Week 4 Aggie Invitational

Monday 6 am 30 minutes easy and core
Wear green to school to support Coach Brown
2:45 speed workout

Tuesday 6 am 30 minutes easy - strength
2:45 recovery run

Wednesday 6 am 30 minutes easy - core
2:45 hill run

Thursday 6 am 30 minutes easy - strength
2:45 tempo run

Friday 6 am shakout and race visualization
11:45 get out of class 12:00 bus leaves for Logan

Saturday 8 am Dewey Bluth Park 230 E Sego Lilly Dr We will do a 60 minute run from the bottom of the Dimple Dell trail We will leave after the run to attend Coach Brown's funeral as a team.

Grass Relays Results

Results can be found http://westlakegrassrelays.weebly.com/results.html

I'm not sure when they will be on athletic.net.

This meet can't really be compared to any other meet because of the length, but it is always a fun meet to have near the beginning of the season.

Thanks to the Davies for providing post race treats.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Westlake Grass Relays

The Grass Relays is a fun race that is short with the added excitement of jumping 4 sets of hay bales on a one mile loop.  My favorite spot is the gauntlet where the carnage is most likely to happen. The meet will be held at Westlake High School.  Course map

Race Schedule:
8:00 JV Girls Frosh/Soph
8:20 JV Boys Freshman
8:40 JV Boys Sophomore
9:00 Girls JV Jr/Sr
9:20 Boys JV Jr/Sr
9:40 Girls Varsity Relay
11:00 Boys Varsity Relay

JV awards to top 10 finishers in each JV race
Varsity awards to to 15 relay legs and top five teams

Restrooms: You will be able to use the restrooms in the North and South satellite trailers as well as the restrooms located in the stadium.

Bus Parking: Please have your buses park in the parking lot south of the school. Your buses will be able to use the bus loop behind the school to drop off your athletes and then continue to the South lot to park.

General Parking: If you have any spectators coming to the meet, please have them park in the parking lots east of the school.

Concessions: We will have Food Trucks coming this year! They will start serving at 9:00am. Let your athletes and parents know!! They will be located in the parking lot west of the football stadium.

Pre-region time trials results

We had a good day at pre-region.  With 6 in the top 8 in both races, we would have won both had the meet been scored.  It looks like Cyprus will be our top challenger in both races.  Thanks to the Jorgenson's for providing post race snacks.

Full results are up at athletic.net.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Pre-region time trials

The pre-region meet is a non-scored (like we don't all score it anyway) meet that is a chance for teams to run the region course before the region championships.

There will be only two races, girls at 3:30 and boys at 4:00.

The race will be at Hunter Park roughly 5900 W on 3500 S in West Valley.

Racing Season Week 3 Pre-region and Grass Relays

Monday 6 am 30 minutes easy run - core
3 pm tempo run

Tuesday 6 am 30 minutes easy - strength
3 pm pre-race routine

Wednesday 6 am shakeout and visualization
3:30 pre-region Hunter Park bus leaves Hillcrest at 2

Thursday 6 am 30 minutes - strength
2:30 meeting in C230 then practice

Friday 6 am  30 minutes - core
3 pm pre race

Saturday Grass Relays at 8 am Westlake High School
bus leaves Hillcrest at 6:30 am

Friday, August 18, 2017

Highland Invitational Results

We had a pretty good day last night.  We had a lot of PR performances again, with our first medalists at this meet in a few years.

 Womens Results

2.9 Miles Varsity

119.Caitlin Webster
119.11Cat Webster
21:04.7 PRHillcrest
138.12Emma Timmerman
21:34.1 PRHillcrest
158.11Amelia Slama-Catron
22:06.0 PRHillcrest
173.12Moira Paul
22:31.0 PRHillcrest
217.11Emily Liddiard
25:23.2 PRHillcrest
Provided by Athletic.net

2.9 Miles Freshman

28.9Faith Amos
22:45.0 PRHillcrest
54.9Megan Liddiard
24:53.4 PRHillcrest
56.9Brynn Webster
24:59.9 PRHillcrest
Provided by Athletic.net

2.9 Miles Sophomore

43.10Tianna Corpuz
23:38.0 PRHillcrest
140.10Jocelyn Casasola
32:16.4 PRHillcrest
Provided by Athletic.net