Sunday, August 22, 2021

Racing Season Week 3 - Wahsatch Rendezvous

 We have a few different things for this week.  The team store is open, it will close Thursday.  Get your team pullover and whatever other items you would like.  The other items are for either athletes or parents. The second is that we will be having team photos on Thursday.  The photo session will take awhile as each athlete will be having individual pictures taken as well as team photos.  Wear your uniform for the photos. On Friday we will be setting up the race course so a different week.

Monday August 23 morning run + weights   3 pm practice 1000s at  Crestwood This is a change from the calendar.

Tuesday August 24 morning run + core 3 pm practice Vine St

Wednesday August 25 morning run + weights 3 pm practice Buttercup

Thursday August 26 morning run + core 3 pm practice photos shoots then tempo

Friday August 27 morning run 3 pm practice Cottonwood Complex + course set-up

Saturday August 28 Wahsatch Rendezvous

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