Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Pre-Region Results

That was an interesting afternoon.  I have the results uploaded at, but I don't have many of the boys, because of the confusion at the finish chute with the downpour and the lightning.  Only about 25 tags got pulled out of just over 60 boys.  If you have a time, let me know and I can add the results in. I do have 64 times, so I should be able to match it up if you have one or know who you finished right behind.

With the times we did get, we had a few athletes run faster times than on the same course last year at region.

On another note, there has been a slight change in district policy regarding the transport of athletes to and from meets.  If you need to take your athlete home from the meet, an assumption of risk form has to be filled out before you take them.  Previously, we were able to release kids to parents without any paperwork, but that has changed.  If there is a reason you will need to transport them to the meet rather than having them go on the bus, that paperwork needs to be filled out in advance and I will need to have it in my possession before we go to the meet. I will have those forms at my desk so they can be picked up during the day.

Remember we meet at 2:30 Thursday to debrief the race and talk about Saturday.

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