Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Highland Invitational info and schedule

The Highland Invitational is at Sugarhouse Park There is some parking available in the park with more parking available at Highland High School. This is a large invitational with 2000 + runners competing in multiple races.

It will still be quite hot, so make sure you are hydrating throughout the day and start now.  Athletes in later races will need some food to make sure they are fueled for their races. 

12:15 meet at Hillcrest to load the bus for the meet
Frosh Boys*                                                     2:00  pm
Frosh Girls*                                                     2:25  pm
Sophomore Boys*                                           2:50  pm
Sophomore  Girls*                                          3:15  pm
JV Boys                                                            3:45  pm
JV Girls                                                             4:15  pm
Varsity Boys                                                    4:45  pm
Varsity Girls                                                     5:10  pm

Awards Ceremony                                          5:40  pm

6:30 meet at concessions stand for assigned crew for football game

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