Sunday, August 14, 2016

Racing Season Week 2 Highland Invitational

Our practice schedule changes this week.  We are shifting to afternoon practices.

If you can only make one of the practices, make the afternoon one.  I know we have some conflicts this week, I will work with you on those.  We are at the point of the season where we really can't afford any missed practices.  We should be done by 7:30 with the morning practices this week.

Monday no morning practice, but run a very easy 30 minutes in the morning.
3:00 pm @ Hillcrest It will be hot and we are doing a speed workout.  Hydrate during the day and make sure you bring water to practice.

Tuesday 6 am @ Hillcrest easy 30 minute run and core and weights
3 pm @ Hillcrest

Wednesday 6 am @ Hillcrest
3 pm @ Hillcrest

Thursday 6 am @ Hillcrest
1:30 pm @ Hillcrest bus departure for Sugarhouse Park

Friday 6 am @ Hillcrest
3 pm @ Hillcrest

Saturday 7 am @ Draper Park

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