Monday, November 29, 2021

Footlocker trip idea

 Remember we are traveling during a pandemic, so be prepared for following COVID protocols on the sites we will be going to.  Have a mask or two with you in case we are going places where they will be required for entry. We will not be making a scene about any requirements.  If you have been vaccinated, proof may be a good thing to have.  We will have as normal an experience as possible. 

Suggested items list

photo ID


running gear - 3 runs including race day

shoes - 

clothes appropriate for: dining, beach, traveling, sleeping (required), perhaps a spare change of clothing, make sure you have enough underwear and socks for the entire trip

beach gear including towel

$ plan about $15 per meal to be safe

light jackets

movies or other entertainment for the bus ride

schoolwork, but keep the weight down

travel pillows and blankets

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