Sunday, November 21, 2021

Footlocker info and registration

 The Footlocker website can be found here. The price for meet registration went up today, but is still open.  Right now it is $40 through the 27th.  Register for the race based on class in school.  There is a tentative race schedule on the website.  It could change based on registration numbers.  

All costs will need to be paid in the office before we leave.  It would be best if it were paid next week. We also need the assumption of risk forms and the medical forms notarized and turned in next week as well.  All of those have to be done before we go.

Food prices in California are a little higher than here, so plan on $15 or more per meal.  The kids will be staying 4 to a room to keep costs down.  The rooms will have two queen beds.  

The individual costs will be $400, pay at the Hillcrest office. 


Wednesday Dec 1 - we will be loading the charter bus after school and the goal is to leave by 3 pm.  We will be stopping at Nephi for a driver change.  Drivers need to stop every so often by law, so we will use those stops as our bathroom and food breaks. We will be getting to the hotel late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning.  

Thursday Dec 2 - we will have a morning run and then eat breakfast and load the bus for Knott's Berry Farm where we will spend most of the day.  We will have dinner either near the hotel, or on the way back from Knott's

Friday Dec 3 - We will start the morning at Mt. SAC where we will do a course jog and get our registration materials.  After we finish with that, we will go to Huntington Beach where we will spend a few hours and have lunch at various places. 

Saturday Dec 4 -  The races will go from approximately 7 am to 11 am and then we will check out of the hotel and return to SLC.  We will be stopping for meals along the way and a driver change in Beaver before returning at about midnight. 

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