Monday, September 13, 2021

Pre-State Information

 The pre-state meet will be at the regional athletic complex 2280 Rose Park Ln.  The bus to the meet will leave Hillcrest at 6:30.  We will be returning in time for 3rd period.

Race Schedule:

8:00 Fr/So Girls

8:30 Fr/So Boys

9:00 Jr/Sr Girls

9:30 Jr Sr Boys


Spectator Entrance: Regional athletic Complex has two gates, a SOUTH and NORTH gate. For the purposes of this event spectators will enter through the SOUTH gate, the NORTH gate will be Exit only. 

Spectator Fee: Spectators will be charged for attending this meet. $5 per Individual or $15 Per Vehicle 5 people or less, $25 per Vehicle 6 or more people. Spectators are asked to purchase all Entry tickets ahead of time. This needs to be done to help with the flow of traffic and to accommodate as many spectators as possible. Receipt or Email confirmation needs to be presented to the gate attended to enter the event. (SOUTH GATE) 

No Cash will be accepted. 

There is a QR Code that I will try to put on Instagram and will go out on the parent email.

 link to url for payment

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