Friday, September 14, 2018

BYU Information and Schedule

The BYU Autumn classic is held on a fast East Bay XC course.  This course is flat and and 100% grass and hopefully dry this year.  Last year there was a giant mud bog that shoes were lost in.  This is a spikes course. There is a college meet in the middle of our meet which is fun as well.

Spectator Admission: BYU is charging a $6 admission fee for this meet.

Parking: Parking at the course is reserved for teams and race officials. There are a number of businesses nearby that have lots you can park in.

The race schedule may be pushed back if there is frost on the course in the morning. 


6:00 am meet at Hillcrest for the bus
8:00 am Fr/So Boys
8:35 am Fr/So Girls
9:15 am Varsity Boys
9:40 am College Women
10:15 am Varsity Girls
10:45 am College Men
11:15 am JV Boys
11:45 am JV Girls

Awards: The top 30 finishers will receive medals.

Remember the district requires students to used district transportation.  If you need to take them early, an assumption of risk paper must be completed and in my possession.

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