Friday, September 01, 2017

USU Aggie Invitational Results

I want to start with thank yous.  Thanks to the Kirby and Lepore families for providing post race snacks and a special thanks to Barry Webster for refilling our water jugs after we ran them out of water on a rather warm afternoon.

I also want to thank all of the parents for raising such great kids.  I'm so proud of my team tonight and it has nothing to do with what we did on the course. Every one of our kids put a tribute to Coach Cazzie Brown with CB on their calves and changed our pre-race chants to a variation of One Pack, One Goal which was a catch phrase of Coach Brown.  He was always supportive of every program at Hillcrest because he wanted all of us to have success and would do whatever he could to help us. This summer he rearranged his practice schedule for football to accommodate our needs in the weight room.  Coach Brown's death leaves a huge hole in our school community and I am so proud of our kids efforts tonight to support their classmates on the football team and Coach Brown's family from 90 miles away at the end of what has been a tough week at Hillcrest.

I thought our kids ran hard today and we had some pretty good results.  Complete race results can be found at runnercard. Results will be loaded later to

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