Friday, August 18, 2017

Highland Invitational Results

We had a pretty good day last night.  We had a lot of PR performances again, with our first medalists at this meet in a few years.

 Womens Results

2.9 Miles Varsity

119.Caitlin Webster
119.11Cat Webster
21:04.7 PRHillcrest
138.12Emma Timmerman
21:34.1 PRHillcrest
158.11Amelia Slama-Catron
22:06.0 PRHillcrest
173.12Moira Paul
22:31.0 PRHillcrest
217.11Emily Liddiard
25:23.2 PRHillcrest
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2.9 Miles Freshman

28.9Faith Amos
22:45.0 PRHillcrest
54.9Megan Liddiard
24:53.4 PRHillcrest
56.9Brynn Webster
24:59.9 PRHillcrest
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2.9 Miles Sophomore

43.10Tianna Corpuz
23:38.0 PRHillcrest
140.10Jocelyn Casasola
32:16.4 PRHillcrest
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