Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Utah State Championships

The state meet is at Sugarhouse Park. Parking is often quite limited in the park. The Highland High driving range south of the school is available for parking.

We will leave Hillcrest at 11:30.

Race Schedule
11:00 1A girls
11:30 2A girls
12:00 1A boys
12:30 2A boys
1:00 3A girls
1:30 4A girls
2:00 5A girls
2:30 3A boys
3:00 4A boys
3:30 5A boys

This is one of the best meets in the country with some of the highest ranked individuals and teams in the country competing for titles.

After the races, their will be awards assemblies for each race including academic all-state awards.
Make sure you get to the football field to cheer for Alvin and Kayla as they receive theirs.

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