Monday, September 05, 2022

2022 XC Racing Season Week 5 ( Park City Invitational)

We will be adjusting the schedule this week due to the abnormally high temperatures through the middle of the week. Wednesday will be the day with the most adjustment as we will be doing the main workout at 6 am to avoid the heat of the day.

Tuesday September 6 - 6 am 20 - 30 minute recovery pace run 3 pm Crestwood - This will be an easy effort run due to the high temps - we will be running to Crestwood Park since there will be some shade and access to water - mileage will be cut from normal mileage as well

Wednesday September 7 - 6 am threshold run on the track, some variation can happen once it gets lighter 3 pm easy 30 minute run then strength work

Thursday September 8 - 6 am 20 - 30 minute recovery pace run 3 pm easy pre-race run

Friday September 9 - 7:15 departure for Quinn's Junction Since we will be missing classes for this meet, make sure you have talked to your teachers so you know what to either do in advance or for make up for the classes we miss.  
8:45 am open race
9:15 JV girls
9:45 JV boys
10:45 Varsity Girls
11:15 Varsity Boys
11:35 Awards

Saturday September 10 - 7 am Winchester Park long progressive run

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