Sunday, August 21, 2022

2022 Hillcrest XC Racing Season Week 3 Wahsatch Rendezvous

This week we host the invitational we will be competing at.  We will need parent volunteers on the course and for packet pick up.  Make sure you have the pink assumption of risk form turned in as we will have a travel run this week.  

The morning runs are important to help recover from the more difficult runs and to keep our mileage up through the season. The runs the morning after our harder days are most important.

The date has been finalized, but we will be having a nutritionist in from TOSH to talk to the team about nutrition and hydration needs and strategies.

Monday August 22 - morning recovery pace run 20 - 30 minutes 2:25 pm meeting in room 433 for race debrief and to talk about the week's schedule 3 pm run to Crestwood for 1K intervals then back to Hillcrest for strength work 

Tuesday August 23 - morning recovery pace run 3 pm easier run Wheeler Farm then strides and core

Wednesday August 24 - morning recovery pace run 3 pm long hill run TBD (based on weather) then strength work

Thursday August 25 - morning recovery pace run 3 pm tempo run then core

Friday August 26 - morning recovery pace run  12:25 meet for captains led run 3:15 pm meet at Cottonwood Complex for course setup

Saturday August 27 - Wahsatch Rendezvous bus leaves Hillcrest at 6:15 am  We will need 10 to 20 volunteers Saturday morning to finish course set up, registration table, course officials, and finish chute help

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