Sunday, July 19, 2020

Summer Training 2020 Week 8 HARC Week

Remember to do the symptoms check survey before you come to practice.  If you are sick, stay home. A reminder for those carpooling that masks in the car are a good idea. With new regulations, we all need masks before and after practice. You need to get in the habit for the school year anyway.  Monday we will need to do more carpooling as the parking area at the trailhead is quite small. All other runs shouldn't be an issue.

Thank you to all the parents providing breakfasts and snacks.  

Temperatures are rising, so hydration is even more crucial.  Make sure you are drinking enough water.

We need to have everyone on registermyathlete before August, please complete that if you haven't already done so.  

The team store will open Monday and be open until August 3rd if you want the team jacket or booster gear.

We will be having two practices a day this week.  The morning practice will be the primary workout with the evening practice more of a recovery run.

Monday July 20th 6 am Hillcrest 6:30 Lamb's Canyon Trailhead 
6 pm Hillcrest

Tuesday July 21st 6 am Hillcrest 6:40 Silver Lake Parking Lot
6 pm Hillcrest

Wednesday July 22nd 6 am Hillcrest 6:35 above Alta Ski Area
6 pm Hillcrest

Thursday July 23rd 6 am Hillcrest 6:40 Millcreek Canyon for Dog Lake - possibility of toll when leaving canyon
6 pm Hillcrest 

Friday July 24th 6 am Hillcrest 6:30 Millcreek Canyon Burch Hollow Trailhead - possibility of toll when leaving canyon
6 pm Hillcrest

Saturday July 25th 6 am Hillcrest 6:40 Star Pointe Trailhead Park City Rail Trail breakfast at Trailside Park or from the rail trail
No evening run

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