Saturday, July 11, 2020

Summer Training 2020 Week 7

Remember to do the symptoms check survey before you come to practice.  If you are sick, stay home. A reminder for those carpooling that masks in the car are a good idea. With new regulations, we all need masks before and after practice. You need to get in the habit anyway.

Temperatures are rising, so hydration is even more crucial.  Make sure you are drinking enough water.

You need to get on registermyathlete if you haven't already.  

Monday July 13th - Orson Smith Park for Corner Canyon Trails ,   6:25 This is a change from the original calendar.
2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Tuesday July 14th -TRAX run strengthening and core exercises
2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Wednesday July 15th -Alta near Alta-Brighton Trailhead for Albion Basin run - 6:35 or let the captains know if you need to meet at the park and ride lot for a carpool.
 2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Thursday July 16th - Ghost Rider run then strength and core
2nd run 30 minutes recovery.

Friday July 17th - Jordan River Rotary Park 70 - 75 minute run on Jordan River Parkway 6:25
2nd run as needed for recovery

Saturday July 18th we will not meet as a team but run on your own or with a group.  This should be an easy run of 45 - 60 minutes,  30 - 45 for beginning runners. I would recommend running in the morning before it warms up.

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