Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Region Championships

The Region Championships will be held at Hunter Park, 60th W 35th S.  We are the favorites to win both boys and girls region titles.  Cyprus is a threat on the girls side.  There are two parking lots that can be used, one off 35th S and one on the other end of the park off 60th W.

We may need some volunteers to help with the finish chute or to work as traffic cops at the parking lot entrance.


12:30 bus leaves Hillcrest
2:00 Girls JV
2:30 Boys JV
3:00 Girls Varsity
3:30 Boys Varsity
4:15 Awards Team trophy for champions, medals for top 10 in varsity, certificates for top 10 in JV, Academic All-Region certificates for Seniors who qualify

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