Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Premier Invitational

The bus will be leaving Hillcrest at 7:30 am Saturday.  If you are planning on coming to watch the meet, here are directions to the site in Settlement Canyon.  There is road construction on Main St. pretty much the entire length of the town, so give yourself time.  Hopefully, there won't be too many locals out and about Saturday morning. This is probably the least spectator friendly course that we will run this year, but the kids usually enjoy this meet.  I can give you ideas of where to watch the races Saturday morning.


Varsity Boys 10:00
Varsity Girls 10:30
JV Boys 11:00
JV Girls 11:30


All athletes must be registered on before they can compete.  They need to register on the site and complete the four forms as well as have a completed physical.  If athletes have previously registered for other sports through the site, they don't have to register again, just check cross-country and complete the forms.The participation fee for the season can either be paid online or at the school. Athletes must also have had at least a 2.0 gpa 4th quarter last year, which usually isn't an issue with cross-country teams.


I will be taking some photos at the start line and then again with less than a mile to go in the races.  If  any of you get photos at other points in the race, especially the finish line, please get them to me so I can start building slide shows of meet photos.

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