Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Training Week 4

You should be emailing your mileage totals each  week to  Check the weekly mileage totals on the summer schedule for what you should have done to compare.  The most important mileage statistic is NO ZEROES! Rookies should have done about 20 miles.

Travel Forms and Summer Camp forms should have been turned in to Coach Olsen. Make that happen Monday if you haven't already.

Don't forget to sign up for the Sandy 4th of July 5K, you are running out of time.
Week 3

Monday - team run @ Hillcrest - (Evening runs continue for returning runners; check your summer schedule.)

Tuesday - individual/group runs - These runs are crucial to proper recovery and performance when the racing season starts. Don't cheat yourself.  Do core.  Use the exercises from practice and/or add your own.

Wednesday - pre-race on your own or in groups.  Check the schedule for mileage, rookies do the first year mileage.

Thursday - Sandy City 5K meet at 6:30 at the NW corner of Target (10130 S. State)

Friday - off or active rest

Saturday - individual/group runs - Do core.

Sunday - off

Don't forget information will also be posted on  Facebook group and Google+.

Don't forget if you need to miss practice, follow the mileage schedule and notify the coaches in advance of your absence(s).

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