Sunday, August 09, 2020

Summer Training 2020 Week 11/Racing Season Week 1

 This is the last week we will be tracking summer mileage.  Make sure you have your mileage trackers updated so you can turn them in.

With the switch to afternoon practices, hydration is even more important as we will be doing workouts in the heat.  Make sure you are drinking enough water during the day and bring a water bottle to practice.

We will meet at Hillcrest each day.  If we have serious heat or air quality issues, we may change some of the workouts to higher elevation run.

Monday August 10  3 pm Hillcrest speed work  bring watches

morning recovery run

Tuesday August 11 3 pm Hillcrest - Tennis Courts

morning recovery run

Wednesday August 12 3 pm  Hillcrest - Del Taco we may split this workout due to the meet schedule this week

morning recovery run

Thursday August 13 3 pm split workout V tempo run JV pre race effort

morning recovery run

Friday August 14 V pre race run - JV Premier JV bus leaves Hillcrest at 2:15

JV shakeout run/Var morning recovery run

Saturday August 15 V Premier Invitational   JV 45 - 60 minutes recovery

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