Wednesday, October 21, 2015

State Results

Both our boys and girls teams were quite a bit faster than last year at state, the girls about 2:20 faster and the boys 4:00.  That is encouraging and shows the work we have put in.  However, if you look at our placing, it shows how fast the state has gotten, so we need to get better.  We bring a lot of kids back for next year, but so do our main competitors in the region.  If we keep improving at this rate, it will make a big difference next year. Complete results are up on runnercard including an all classifications merge.

15.  Hillcrest HS   382
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

62. 336    Caitlin Webster20:39.455.02:23.5Spread between the scoring runners01:11.5
76. 330    Danielle Coccimiglio21:11.468.02:55.5
92. 334    Gracie Otto21:32.082.03:16.1
96. 331    Sara Diggins21:41.286.03:25.3
103. 332    Emma Kofoed21:50.991.03:35.0
117. 335    Emma Timmerman23:16.3(105.)05:00.4
122. 333    Isabella Oliver23:49.8(110.)05:33.9

15.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:46:54.9)382

 15.  Hillcrest HS   380
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

45. 338    Peter Christiansen16:41.041.01:42.1Spread between the scoring runners01:20.5
82. 337    Justin Canals17:26.973.02:28.0
86. 340    Braden Hastings17:29.877.02:30.9
99. 342    Laran Lewis17:41.689.02:42.7
111. 343    Jacob Williams18:01.5100.03:02.6
114. 341    Zac Hastings18:09.2(102.)03:10.3
115. 339    Connor Guldner18:14.3(103.)03:15.4

15.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:27:20.8)380

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