Sunday, November 13, 2022

2022 Hillcrest XC Season Post-season Week 3

 This is our last full week of training before the break.  I am going to include week 4 in this post, so this will be the last schedule post of the XC season.

Make sure you get on parent square and complete the RSVP for the banquet on the 28th if you haven't already.

Monday November 14 - 3 pm speed day - Fartlek workout

Tuesday November 15 - 3 pm easy run

Wednesday November 16 - 3 pm longer hill run

Thursday November 17 - 3 pm tempo run

Friday November 18 - 12:30 pm easy run

Saturday November 19 - noon meet at Hillcrest for longer run I will be streaming the NCAA XC championship and the NXR SW meet in my classroom starting at 8 am for those that are interested I will need a count because I will have breakfast type stuff in my room if the late start doesn't work for you, get the run in on your own.

Sunday November 20 - rest or active rest

Monday November 21 - 3 pm speed day rolling 2s

Tuesday November 22 - 1:35 pm Copperview Elementary Turkey Trot  I will be excusing the team from class at 1:20  We need everyone on the team there wearing team gear (those on winter sports teams are excused) We will not have a bus for this activity.

Wednesday November 23 - easy run - no practice

Thursday November 24 - Thanksgiving Turkey Trots, run fast before you feast

Friday November 25 - Break begins - no running, rest or active rest running starts again Dec. 12

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