Friday, April 19, 2019

Davis Invitational Info

The Davis Invitational is at Davis High in Kaysville.  They will be charging admission for spectators, I think $3, but it may have increased.

Heat and Flight Assignments


Schedule of Events

OPEN FIELD EVENTS8:00-8:45 Weigh-in

9:00- Girls Long Jump
Boys High Jump
 Girls Shot Put
 Boys Discus
 Girls Javelin
 Girls Pole Vault (Raised 75' Runway)
 Boys Pole Vault

11:00- Boys Long Jump
 Girls High Jump
 Boys Shot Put
 Girls Discus
 Boys Javelin

8:30- Girls 100m Hurdles
8:45- Boys 110m Hurdles
9:00- Girls 100m Dash
9:20- Boys 100m Dash
9:45- Girls 1600m Run
10:15- Boys 1600m Run
10:45- Girls 4x100m Relay
10:55- Boys 4x100m Relay
11:05- Girls 400m Dash
11:15- Boys 400m Dash
11:30- Girls 300m Hurdles
11:45- Boys 300m Hurdles
12:00- Girls 800m Run
12:15- Boys 800m Run
12:35- Girls Medley Relay
12:45- Boys Medley Relay
12:55- Girls 200m Dash
1:10- Boys 200m Dash
1:30- Girls 3200m Run
1:45- Boys 3200m Run
2:00- Girls 4x400m Relay
2:15- Boys 4x400m Relay

Events will be moved ahead of schedule whenever possible.

2:15-3:00- LUNCH BREAK for Coaches, Sponsors, and Officials

2:15-2:45 Weigh-in

1:00- Girls Pole Vault

3:00- Girls Long Jump
 Boys High Jump
 Girls Shot Put
 Boys Discus
 Girls Javelin

3:30- Boys Pole Vault

4:30- Boys Long Jump
 Girls High Jump
 Boys Shot Put
 Girls Discus
 Boys Javelin

INVITED RUNNING EVENTS3:15- Girls 100m Hurdles
3:20- Boys 110m Hurdles
3:25- Girls 100m Dash
3:30- Boys 100m Dash
3:35- Girls 1600m Run
3:45- Boys 1600m Run
3:55- Girls 4x100m Relay
4:00- Boys 4x100m Relay
4:05- Hall of Fame Ceremonies
4:15- Girls 400m Dash
4:20- Boys 400m Dash
4:25- Girls 300m Hurdles
4:30- Boys 300m Hurdles
4:35- Girls 800m Run
4:40- Boys 800m Run
4:45- Girls Medley Relay
4:55- Boys Medley Relay
5:05- Girls 200m Dash
5:10- Boys 200m Dash
5:15- Girls 3200m Run
5:30- Boys 3200m Run
5:45- Girls 4x400m Relay
5:55- Boys 4x400m Relay
6:05- Girls 4x800m Relay
6:20- Boys 4x800m Relay
6:40- Presentation of Outstanding Performer and Performance Awards

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