Thursday, March 01, 2007

2007 Track Disclosure Statement

Fees: $60 ($50 for the school, $10 for invitational fees and awards)

Eligibility: 2.0 GPA as outlined in UHSAA guidelines

Attendance: As with any other sport, attendance at practice is required. If you must miss practice for any reason notify one of the coaches before practice. You must also notify the coaches if you will be late.

Practice: Practice will be held Monday - Friday at 2:45 until approximately 4:30. Practice times will vary by events and schedules. All practices will be held at the Hillcrest track, weather permitting.

Meet Participation: All athletes will be required to participate in home meets. Coaches will determine who participates in away and invitational meets. Coaches will inform athletes who will be competing the day before each meet. Athletes will compete in at least two events in each meet they are eligible to attend.

Transportation: Athletes will ride the bus to and from track meets. Athletes may ride home from meets with parents, but need to check in with a coach before they leave.

Uniforms: Uniforms will be provided to varsity relay athletes prior to the East meet. All other athletes will receive a uniform before the region meet on the 3/14.

Team Gear: Team sweats and tee shirts will be made available for purchase.

Shoes: In order to prevent injuries, athletes will need to obtain running shoes. Track spikes are also encouraged for competition.

Meets: Captains will lead the team in a team lap and stretch before the meet begins. Each athlete will be responsible for warming up before his/her individual events.

Parents will be asked to volunteer as officials for our home meets to help the meet run smoothly. This could include making lane assignments, timing, recording times, or judging an event.

Forms & Consent: All athletes must all necessary forms on file with the school before competition begins. This includes contract, consent forms and physical forms for new athletes.

Lettering: Lettering will be based on a combination attendance and meet performances. Any athlete who qualifies for state will letter.

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