Friday, May 29, 2020

Summer Training 2020 Week 1

Summer Cross-Country training is upon us. Remember to follow the training calendar for those times you can't make practice due to illness or family vacations or whatever takes up part of your summer.

Remember the second runs are only for our experienced runners. Beginning runners need to build up a base before they start adding second runs. Second runs should be in the afternoon or early evening.

We meet at Hillcrest each morning at 6 am in the north parking lot by the concessions building. We will start practice each day with a symptoms check for all athletes, coaches, and super seniors.  On travel run days we will then go to the site of the run. For each of the travel runs, I have links of directions from Hillcrest to the destinations.  Runners can be picked up at the site of the travel run or back at Hillcrest depending on the transportation arrangements you have made for your child. Your child will not be left to wait alone at any of the travel run sites.

Make sure you properly hydrate.  You hydrate for the next day's practice each day.  I would also recommend brining a water bottle each day to practice

Monday June 1st - Del Taco variations
2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Tuesday June 2nd - tennis courts runs
After the run we will learn and start strengthening and core exercises
2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Wednesday June 3rd - Wrangler Trail Head for intro to trail running
 2nd run 30 minutes recovery

Thursday June 4th - Skywalk run then strength and core
2nd run 30 minutes recovery.

Friday June 5th - Winchester Park  We will be doing our first 70 minute run on the Jordan River Parkway. Beginning runners will be doing a run of shorter duration. You may meet us at Winchester Park at 6:20 rather than Hillcrest at 6.
2nd run as needed for recovery

Saturday June 6th we will not meet as a team but run on your own or with a group.  This should be an easy run of 45 - 60 minutes,  30 - 45 for beginning runners.

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