Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hurdle Drills

Husky Hurdlers, I hope you're finding time to work hurdles into your workouts.  Here's a useful extension of the lead leg over the hurdle and against the wall drill we do sometimes.  Try it!

You've seen most of these drills before.  (The white tape on the line between lanes 3 and 4 (?) are 10 meters--"ten steps"--apart.)  There are also some new ones you should try.  A couple of notes:
  1.  Don't EVER go lead or trail leg over a hurdle in the wrong direction.  Sheesh, that's a good way to hurt yourself, even in a drill.  (What they call "Crazy Legs" doesn't matter because you're not traveling perpendicular to the hurdle.)
  2.   Notice how almost all of these O'Neill hurdlers keep their shoulders really square to the hurdle and how they work on their arms all the time, no matter what they're doing.  Both of these things help all of them to be better hurdlers.
  3.   Really try to 3-step when you're working on rhythm drills (hurdles 10 meters apart).

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