Friday, March 15, 2019

Team store and other gear

Remember team and booster gear can be obtained two ways. Team uniforms, backpacks, hoodies and warm-up pants are obtained through the school. The team shirt and booster gear is obtained through the team store.

The team store is open until next Thursday the 21st. Access code awXuTKEtdt The team shirt is the Phenom long sleeve.

Uniform singlets are $28 for the women's and $22 for the men's. The ASICS black uniform short for they guys is $18. I also have that same style for girls for the same price that don't want to wear the spanks style short. I will also have some of those for the same price. The spanks short can be obtained anywhere as long as it doesn't have the logo problem.

Other items: Team Backpacks - $36; Team Hoodie - $32; Black jogger warm-up pant - $20

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