Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer Training Week 8

Thanks to all the parents who helped from organization, providing food for the athletes, transportation and first aid last week.  HARC week is always a challenging week to pull off, so thank you. This week will be a bit easier finishing with our time trial/fundraiser on Saturday morning.

Monday - meet at Cottonwood Softball Complex approximately 4300 S. 1300 E We will be doing mile repeats.

Tuesday - meet at Hillcrest at 6:00 am.  Strength session after the run.  We will be done about 8:15

Wednesday - Meet at 2300 E Bengal Blvd at the LDS Church house for our Top of the World run.  If necessary, we can carpool up from Hillcrest.  We should be done around 8:00.

Thursday - meet at Hillcrest at 6:00 am. tempo run Strength session after the run.  We should be done closer to 8 this morning.

Friday - meet at Hillcrest at 6:00 am. As part of the run, we will be learning our home XC course.

Saturday -  Crestwood Park Time Trial and Fundraiser breakfast Time trial starts at 7, alumni, friend, and family are welcome to join in. The kids race will start as soon as everyone finishes the time trial is finished.  We will start breakfast right after the races.  We would like an idea of how many people to expect for breakfast, so please let Coach Stucki or Matt Hastings know with how many are coming from your family.  Breakfast is $5 for each person, the race is $10 including breakfast.

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