Monday, September 29, 2014

Park City Invitational

Location: Quinn's Junction Sports Complex 600 Gilmore Way, Park City

Schedule: Bus Leaves Hillcrest at 2:00 pm (That's 1:45 for you Wes)
3:30 pm Open/Coaches/Public Race (donation only)
4:05 pm Girls JV
4:40 pm Boys JV
5:15 pm Girls Varsity
5:50 pm Boys Varsity
6:20 Awards

Parking:  Parking at the site is limited. Overflow parking will be 1.5 miles away at Park City High School.  There will be shuttles to ferry spectators between the high school and race site.  They suggest arriving 30 minutes before race time to provide enough time to make the race you want to watch.

Directions:  Link to directions from Hillcrest.  

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